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Age of Apocalypse Vol.1 - The X-Terminated
Return to the Age of Apocalypse, as the AOA X-Men make their final stand against the evil Weapon X - and lose! New AOA super-hero team the X-Terminated must rise to take the fallen X-Men's place - but what makes them so drastically different? With Jean Grey and Sabretooth at their lowest ebb, and Weapon X resurrecting dead X-Men to destroy the
X-Men - Psylocke
Psylocke has returned to the X-Men! Following the defeat of Madelyne Pryor and her Sisterhood, Psylocke travels to Japan to re-inter her former body in its proper resting place. But when a swarm of Hand ninjas attack Psylocke and do the unspeakable under orders from Matsu’o—the assassin originally responsible for transplanting Psylocke’s
X-Treme X-Men Vol.1 #01-46 + Annual Complete
The X-Men are in Valencia, Spain, where they all get attacked by the local guardia forces. Rogue is shot into the sea, while Storm, Bishop, Beast, Psylocke and Thunderbird are caught; only Sage manages to escape. The Deputy Minister of Justice arrives at the high tech base of the guardia where she is met by the commanding officer. He tells her
Ghost Rider V1 #1-7 Complete
7 issues pages | 126.8 мb.

Tags: Ghost Rider V1 Banshee Blackie Clay Benjamin Brooks
The first original Ghost Rider, a Western hero. His name got changed into Night Rider and later the Phantom Rider after the name Ghost Rider was given to Johny Blaze, the motorcycle stuntman.
X-Tinction Agenda #03
Secret Wars continued the landmark first X-crossover continues! In desperate need of a cure for his people, Havok, Wolfsbane and press-Gang invaded X-City. As old friends become new enemies, a war to save from extinction on Genosha!
X-Tinction Agenda #02
Secret Wars continued the landmark first X-crossover continues! In desperate need of a cure for his people, Havok, Wolfsbane and press-Gang invaded X-City. As old friends become new enemies, a war to save from extinction on Genosha!
Amazing X-Men #19
Has the Juggernaut returned? Is this the last stand of Colossus?
X-Men Vignettes Vol.2 (TPB)
From the frozen Canadian wilderness to the Shi'ar Galaxy, witness behind the scenes tales from an earlier X-Men era! View via a psionic super-villain! Secrets of Magneto, Banshee, Colossus, Storm, Wolverine and more revealed! This story of the magnificent central Maven mutant Marvel! Collects the backups stories from CLASSIC X-MEN # 14-25.
Uncanny Avengers - Ragnarok Now Vol.3
This is the dark origins of the Apocalypse Twins as Kang true motives are revealed ! Secret agreement between Ahab and the Red Skull will bring horror to all mutants - but when a madman kills Sentry strange Avenger, this is just the first victim of many! Wasp stands as Grim Reaper, the Scarlet Witch recognized their true love and makes it
Uncanny Avengers - The Apocalypse Twins Vol.2
The future begins in the past! This clash of the titans in the 11th century , Thor fights Apocalypse! Avengers ancestors hunted with Rama-Tut and Kang pulls the strings , and only young Thor can save their future mates ! And today , the beginning of the end looms debut Apocalypse Twins! Why do they seek anger gods ? What is their relationship with
Uncanny Avengers #19
Avenge Land continues! Kang Chronos body arrives on Planet X with a terrible deal! Former members Uncanny Avengers must reunite to save the Earth! Magneto all new X-Force are for blood Summers!
X-Men Days Of Future Past (TPB)
Relive the legendary first journey into the dystopian future where the Guardians of 2013 to pursue the Earth and the X-Men's only hope of humanity ... until they die! Also featuring the first appearance of Alpha Flight, the return of the Wendigo, the history of the X-Men from the Cyclops ... and a demon for Christmas!?
The 100 Greatest Marvels of All Time #01-10 Complete
We gave you a thousand stories . You have chosen the best! Here come the 100 greatest miracles of all time! Heads , Faithful ! In honor of our fantastic 40th anniversary , we count down the top 100 Marvel Comics ever - and we reprint in the Top 25 based on your votes ! Over 50,000 ballots were sent to the house, each of which is hand- counted and
Chaos War - Ares
Ares is dead, torn in half at the hands of the watch. But what is worse than death for the God of War? Being enlisted into the army of Chaos King! Chaos War has its beginnings in Ares' first miniseries, now see their fates come full circle as the two greatest forces of destruction battle one last time for the soul pantheon. Ares defeated the Chaos
X-Necrosha - The Gathering
Inner Circle stand revealed ... Selene Fade, Mortis, Senyaka, Eli Bard and flash. But what led Selene to gather some of the deadliest mutants in the world? Why one student X-Men to join? Who is Mortis? As Blink alive? Stories about the death of the black queen dealers told in this anthology one shot some of the most popular contemporary artists!
Uncanny X-Force - The Apocalypse Solution #1
Wolverine promised Cyclops that X-Force will be disbanded - he lied. Secret Society revived En Sabah Nur, putting into motion events that will turn this age of heroes Age of Apocalypse! To keep them, Wolverine and Archangel bring together Fantomex, Deadpool, and Psylocke to form the Uncanny X-Force! The color of their history, they are the only
Uncanny Avengers #13
Ragnar?¶k Now! Against the orders of their masters "deranged and vindictive Sentry kills strange Avenger! Not a hoax, not a dream, and only the first victim of many! To allow for reinforcements from other eras Wasp must find and destroy the transmitter Gemini Tachyon, but first she will have to defeat Grim Reaper. Scarlet Witch makes it impossible
Uncanny X-men First Class #01-08 + Giant-Size Complete
The first days of the second generation of X-Men are revealed in a brand new series starring Cyclops, Storm, Banshee, Colossus, Night, Wolverine and Phoenix!
X-Men - Black Sun #01-05 Complete
The demon known as the Belasco lit the way around the world searching for the legendary Blood . With it, he can open the dimensional portal , allowing all Limbaugh pour into our world ! Enter the Storm , Banshee, Sunfire, Colossus , Night , Wolverine and the new mutant who took the namesake of Thunderbird! But even this command (which is first
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