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Uncanny Avengers - The Apocalypse Twins Vol.2

Uncanny Avengers - The Apocalypse Twins Vol.2

The future begins in the past! This clash of the titans in the 11th century , Thor fights Apocalypse! Avengers ancestors hunted with Rama-Tut and Kang pulls the strings , and only young Thor can save their future mates ! And today , the beginning of the end looms debut Apocalypse Twins! Why do they seek anger gods ? What is their relationship with Kahn ? And Thor responsibility for their mighty power ! Ship Apocalypse attacks Peak station sword Heavenly responsible shocking fate , and the four horsemen of Death unleashed ! And, as new cohorts of twins Apocalypse destroy the body and soul Strange Avengers , Wolverine discovers Midnight city - and immediately wished he had not. When all hope dies , Ragnarok begins! Plus: Kang and Apocalypse Twins enter the age of Ultron , but what do they want? Collect supernatural Avengers # 6-11 & # 8AU.

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