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What If Infinity - X-Men #01
What if the AVENGERS lost the war? Years after the fall of Earth, CANNONBALL leads a small team of surviving mutants in the deepest parts of space looking for shelter. Eventually they meet up with a few surviving Avengers who had go to great and scary lengths to survive...
Years Of Future Past #04
Reeling from the secrets that kept Kate Pryde, the X-Men lead to a prison break from the last mutant internment camp. X-Men encounter with the friends and enemies ... and their true purpose is revealed in the end!
Years Of Future Past #02
Freed from the military prison, X-Men race through the ruins of the city in order to save his teammates from a terrible fate! Horrified by the fact that the mutants have to do to survive, Kate Pryde and her family have to struggle to find a way to save his people - and to seek refuge where sharp weapons waiting.
Ultimate End #02
LAST Ultimates Universe story pioneering fathers The countdown has begun End of an era Who will survive?
X-Men - The Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix
Join Cyclops and Phoenix on a wild honeymoon all the time and learn how the young Nathan Summers was a man by the name of cable! When the couple pulled 2000 in future, they should raise the son of Cyclops in the shadow of the Apocalypse. Could this post-nuclear family to overthrow the ancient sadistic tyrant and his protГ©gГ©, the boy called
X-Men - Asgardian Wars
Elsewhere at the top of a surprise the world and the heart of another! At the Arctic Circle, X-Men and Alpha Flight find a force that can save the world at the cost of the destruction of ... what? But the cost is not an object, when the power is revealed as a gift from Loki, who does not like his presents back! When God loses its premium Lies, he
X-Men #26
22 pages | 33.6 мb.

Tags: X-Men Jubilee M Psylocke Rachel Grey Storm
Conclusion MS. The first miracle creator G. Willow Wilson X-Men tale "HORYASCHAYA WORLD"! Exploring the mysterious natural phenomena in the Black Desert, X-Men discovered something terrible that has connections with its own past. Looking back on history, whether X-Men find a way to win the day in this time or they are doomed to make the same
Amazing X-Men #19
Has the Juggernaut returned? Is this the last stand of Colossus?
Amazing X-Men #18
ONCE AND FUTURE Juggernaut 4 of 4 New Juggernaut was selected, and the earth will shake. Colossus stands apart from his or her powers ... or do you? What happened to Cain Marko? The victory has its price.
X-Men #24
22 pages | 31.9 мb.

Tags: X-Men Psylocke Rachel Grey Storm
Trapped deep underground in a sinkhole that appeared mysteriously in the middle of the Black Rock Desert, STORM battle his claustrophobia, trying to find answers. Meanwhile, her teammates from the ground to discover that the phenomenon is due to old enemies ...
Storm #07
23 pages | 35.7 мb.

Tags: Storm Beast Nightcrawler Rachel Grey
During his latest adventure, Storm made some powerful enemies. And now they pulled a few strings and that its branded Public Enemy Number One! Storm can evade the authorities long enough to find out who's after her and clear his name?
X-Men #23
22 pages | 35.9 мb.

Tags: X-Men M Psylocke Rachel Grey Storm
"BURNING WORLD" PART 1! Start a new story written by MS. MARVEL author G. WILLOW WILSON! When a failure occurs under mysterious circumstances in the middle of the Black Rock Desert, X-Men to go to investigate ... But little do they suspect that the phenomenon has a connection to the old allies and enemies ...!
X-Men #22
"Exogenous" Conclusion! "Arrow" executive producer Marc Guggenheim wraps up its run on this critically acclaimed arc X-Men! Time running out as the race X-Men, in order to save the Earth from alien monsters that have emerged from the depths of space! But whether Rachel Grey leave her teammates to take revenge on those responsible for the death of
X-Men #20
23 pages | 44.4 мb.

Tags: X-Men Abigail Brand Jubilee M Psylocke Rachel Grey Storm
In the depths of space, the X-Men are faced with the threat of terrorizing sword monster called "Genespliced" -creatures engineering of the most brutal alien races across the galaxy. But the X-Men hope to stop the alien horde? And is the leader of his own sword, Abigail Brand, learn more about what she was letting Genespliced ​​on?
Uncanny X-Men #24
With the secrets held in the will of Xavier bared, as will be X-Men deal with the shadows of his past? Can power previously unknown to them now to be their biggest threat?
X-Men #16
24 pages | 37.8 мb.

Tags: X-Men Pixie Primal Psylocke Rachel Grey Rockslide Sabra
The future came calling ... and he wants his son this man is! But it will be the anniversary and the X-Men let their bouncing boy without a fight? Anxiety barrier: hell no!
X-Men #15
24 pages | 32.8 мb.

Tags: X-Men Jubilee Kymera M Psylocke Rachel Grey
Generational saga / war unfolds ... Mothers and Daughters, Fathers and Sons, and a poor center rat named Jubilee caught in the middle .. JGS has always been a school. Is it time to become an army? Or their differences prove his greatest asset?
X-Men #14
24 pages | 35.9 мb.

Tags: X-Men Jubilee M Pixie Psylocke Rachel Grey Storm
Jean Grey School is under attack, with the result that the young X-Man dead on the front lawn of the school. Jubilee worst nightmare has come true ... in future years and rewritten. Clay Mann (GAMBIT) joins Brian Wood for the terrifying new chapter in the history of the X-Men!
Uncanny X-Men #21
Cyclops Revolution goes ahead! Who is the mysterious figure construction Guardians for SHIELD? Find out what happened to Dazzler Mystique took her down back in Uncanny X-Men # 9!
X-Men - No More Humans (HC)
Popular author of the classic X-Men writer Mike Carey (X-Men) and superstar artist Salvador Larroca (X-Men, Invincible Iron Man ) join forces for X-Men: NO MORE PEOPLE , the first X-Men original graphic novel from the classic X-Men: GOD LOVES , people kill ! After the devastating events of "Battle of the Atom" X-men awaken to find all the people
Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix #01-04 Complete
Only recently married and on their honeymoon. Jean and Scott Summers pushed Rachel Summers ace Mother Askani 2000 years into the future. There they live and Scott and Jean get a chance to pick up Nathan Summer , Scotts son. He will ever be strong warrior cable. Makes all our heroes also solve the problem of the reign of the Apocalypse and his
X-Men - Phoenix #01-03 Complete
Find out how a young woman known as Rachel Summers became the savior of the cable and the last hope of humanity!
X-Men - True Friends #01-03 Complete
This is a story about time travel, fantasy and danger as Shadowcat have to decide between saving the life of a friend or the lives of millions!
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