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Chaos War - God Squad
CHAOS KING destroyed pantheons of Earth, but new regiment God finally, desperate plan to halt the march Mikaboshi towards oblivion! Kami of Japan once trapped Chaos King in Yomi - the Japanese underworld - but even with the command of God, can his old pantheon put the genie back in the bottle? The gods themselves are not prepared for what they may
Chaos War - Chaos King
Chaos War tie-in! What method or madness is conscious chaos KING? Witness the first strikes of the war chaos here! As darkness blankets the stars, only the gods ZENN-La, home of the Silver Surfer, remain to oppose the Chaos King before he begins his march to the final battle: Earth! And Earth's first line of defense to stop this evil? IMPOSSIBLE
Chaos War - Ares
Ares is dead, torn in half at the hands of the watch. But what is worse than death for the God of War? Being enlisted into the army of Chaos King! Chaos War has its beginnings in Ares' first miniseries, now see their fates come full circle as the two greatest forces of destruction battle one last time for the soul pantheon. Ares defeated the Chaos
Chaos War - Alpha Flight
Chaos War tie-ins! Alpha Flight is back! Original members Guardian, guard, Shaman and Marina returned to the great beyond to join their team in battle larger than life or death! As the chaos of the king and his army cut a path of destruction across the universe of Marvel, the return of Alpha Flight may just be what the heroes need to turn the
Captain America - Rebirth
65 pages | 117.2 мb.

Tags: Captain America - Rebirth Captain America 2011
The origins of Captain America and the Red Skull , revealed! How evils of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party spread across Europe , Steve Rogers becomes the legendary Captain America ! With his sidekick Bucky , and under the direction of Franklin Roosevelt himself , Cap battles diabolical Red Skull on every front ! Witness the early confrontations
Captain America and the Secret Avengers
Steve Rogers' Black Ops femme fatales go on the hunt for a rogue assassin! Fierce fisticuffs, death duels and good ol 'fashioned espionage ensue as everything comes to a head in the Big Apple, where the girls go in guns Blazin' ... Also a secondary story by Nicieza Silver Sable and Liefeld.
Captain America and The First Thirteen
Peggy Carter. It is a mysterious and beautiful woman with a mission. It is a gun ... with a gun. It is an all-American, as well as cover. She is ready to sacrifice everything as cover. And she is ready to double cross him if she has to, when she has to. Disguises and despair, guns and glory. This is a story about the Amour and the honor of France
Captain America and The Falcon
Avenger. Activist. Geroya.Sokol always bridged two worlds that need to be saved. When the son of an old friend falls in with a gang, Sam Wilson must confront his past to save the future of the boy - but even a superhero can not save everyone. Rob Williams (Ghost Rider) and Rebekah Isaacs (DV8, MS. MARVEL) bring you a story of redemption, humanity
Captain America - Fighting Avenger
Ragtag Special Forces brings Captain America on his first mission during World War II ! Their orders ? Do not get him killed! But when the low-profile assignment draws the attention of Baron Strucker , the future Red Skull and half the Nazi army , it will be a crash course in super heroics for Marvel's The First Avenger ! Plus : the evil of the
Captain America and Crossbones
Cepa assassin stars in his horrific comic! When the terrible virus overtakes an isolated island, the skull face psychopath is unleashed to rescue the one person who may deliver resistance to the terrifying outbreak. But can the man who shot Captain America be trusted to do the right thing? Writer William Harms (Impaler) and artist Declan Shalvey
Captain America and Batroc
The phone rings. The voice says. They want you to beat Captain America. Again. The man who beat you before. The man who you know will beat more. What can you say? You say, "Yes." Batroc: Traceur shows why and takes you every step of the way he walks. It's time to meet the man behind the greatest mustache in the universe Marvel. Thus, Stark. You
Avengers & the Infinity Gauntlet #01-04 Complete
The evil Thanos has acquired Infinity Stones, granting him control over the entire universe. It destroyed half the population of all worlds. The only force standing in his way? AVENGERS! But how can a ragtag group of heroes and villains (!) Master stop? Check-out non-stop, pulse-pounding, white-knuckling action brought to you by Brian Clevinger
Avengers - The Children's Crusade - Young Avengers
'Young Avengers ' co-author Allan Heynberh and legendary artist Alan Davis (Avengers Prime) team up to create an epic stand-alone tale that perfect jumping on point for new readers and introduces the universe Marvel, all new Avengers team . As a result of the Young Avengers ' crusade to find the Scarlet Witch , Patriot has become Captain America ,
Osborn #01-05 Complete
The most dangerous criminals in the world is at the top Supermax-global security prison - an institution so secret even the vice president does not know about its existence. But can any cell contain Norman Osborn? Cover title Evil Prisoners Osborne, Osborne just read signs.
Marvel Girl
Marvel Girl was a member of the original X-Men bases along Iceman, Beast, Cyclops and Angel. She had telekinesis, which she could use to move an object to protect himself, a telekinetic bolts and fly. Eventually she threw girl called Marvel, as she felt that she grew up and went to her real name is Jean Grey.
Magneto #1
25 pages | 22.8 мb.

Tags: Magneto Abomination Cassandra Michaels 2011
Before the Brotherhood, before his greatest battles with the X-Men, there was a man named Erik Magnus, gathering mutants to join his cause. Does the young Magneto have what it takes to build an army? And all this have to do with absorbing man?
Iceman and Angel
Nothing ruins spring break faster for Iceman and Angel than a giant monster stomping through the streets of the city. But what are two young mutants to do when all the "real" superheroes are too busy to help? Why Goom, thing from Planet X running amok in the first place? This superhero mutant monster Spring Break Bash! Woo!
5 Ronin #01-05 Complete
5 issues pages | 104.8 мb.

Tags: 5 Ronin Deadpool Wolverine 2011
This alternate history of Earth with a samurai version of Wolverine, Hulk, Punisher, Psylocke and Deadpool were published in the weekly chart as the "5th week" event, as there were 5 of navigation in the month of March 2011.
Chaos War - Thor #01-02 Complete
Chaos War tie-ins! In the midst of an epic battle raging through the chaos of war, Thor squares off against an enemy that can be the most powerful he's ever faced - an alien god known only as Glory! This plant has its sites set on helping Chaos King destroy all of reality - so what hope does a simple Thunder God was to stop him? Comics master JM
X-Men - To Serve and Protect #01-04 Complete
Yost returns to the X-Books to tell a story which bears two favorite X-Men fans against major Spider-Man villain in a four-part story that will go through each issue of this multi-extravaganza! Who are these X-Men and why they wear camouflage? Also in this issue, and Fantomex Batroc fight for a stolen diamond, and more!
Uncanny X-Force - The Apocalypse Solution #1
Wolverine promised Cyclops that X-Force will be disbanded - he lied. Secret Society revived En Sabah Nur, putting into motion events that will turn this age of heroes Age of Apocalypse! To keep them, Wolverine and Archangel bring together Fantomex, Deadpool, and Psylocke to form the Uncanny X-Force! The color of their history, they are the only
Infestation #01-02 Complete
2 issues pages | 53 мb.

Tags: Infestation Complete IDW Collection 2011
From the Earth to the furthest reaches of our universe, covering the size of a zombie outbreak threatens to tear worlds apart. Being among the carnage severity of extreme intelligence, technology and complexity, but can they best legions of the undead? Find out what happens when the CVO, Transformers, GIJoe, Start Trek, Ghostbusters and face the
George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones #9
The old hatred , dark suspicions , and deadly machinations of the agenda. When fate delivers Tyrion Lannister Lady Catelyn Stark, she will have her revenge on him for the attempted murder of her son, Brandon , regardless of the consequences . Meanwhile, in King's Landing , Sansa Stark, surrounded by enemies , considers it unlikely friend: brutal,
George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones #8
With the assistance of a mysterious little finger, Lord Eddard Stark delves deeper into the death of his predecessor as the hands of the king, but the answers he finds only cast a wide net on suspicion court already smelled of corruption and betrayal. Meanwhile, in the icy surroundings of Castle Black, Jon Snow, bastard learns a lesson in courage
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