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Avengers The Initiative Special
One of the longest-running plotlines in Avengers : The Initiative will be decided in the end! Hardball is one of the most respected and decorated graduates Initiative. He became a celebrity hero in Las Vegas , with his true love, Komodo , serving nearby in Arizona. But all this time , he was secretly in the pocket of the terrorist group Hydra! Now
Avengers - The Initiative Featuring Reptil
Stegron Dinosaur Man and his dinosaur army launch a campaign of destruction across America! With Fifty State Initiative in tatters from the effects of Secret Invasion, Tigra must pull together a detachment of the few superhumans still fit his or her duties, including Cloud 9, Komodo, Prodigy ... and a brand new recruit. Be here for the debut of a
New Avengers - The Reunion #01-04 Complete
The secret of the invasion has really changed the way how the heroes and villains to understand the world they live in. But what can be said about marriage? 4-piece limited series about how Clint Barton (aka Ronin) and Mockingbird deal with the new world order, her memories of the Skrull home confinement ... and a split in their relationship. Can
Dark Reign New Nation
The invasion was over, and the shape of the world has changed, with new and returning players is now in the spotlight. Find out more The Secret Warriors, agents ATLAS, military vehicles, and RONIN Mockingbird and Skrull KILL KREW, and learn how they fit into this brave new world in a completely new creation stories of their upcoming titles.
Dark Reign - The List - Avengers
In this first in a series of spectacular one shot , the best writers working at Marvel are teamed up with the most sensational artists to reveal the darkest chapters in the Dark Reign! Norman Osborn , fresh from the shocking finale of Utopia , sets his sights on the rest of the universe Marvel. He sits down and makes spiska.Spisok things that are
Dark Reign - The Goblin Legacy
Before he was the ultimate power broker in the Marvel Universe, Norman Osborn was better known as the Green Goblin - insane arch nemesis of every neighborhood Spider-Man! Now, experience an early turning point in the ongoing war between the wall-crawler and his glider riding rival - the unmasking of Norman Osborn's Amazing Spider-Man # 39-40 (one
Secret Invasion - War of Kings
The famous team of writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (NOVA) and artist Paul Pelletier (Guardians of the Galaxy) are combined to update the characters, identify the villains and rock the universe!
Secret Invasion - Requiem
Janet Van Dyne's dead. She was the only major casualty in the Skrull invasion. It can not be, but never forgotten by all of her friends, comrades-in-arms, fellow Avengers. But no one is more devastated than her Hank Pym's death, her husband, who returned to Earth Just realize that he had lost forever Janet.
Secret Invasion - Dark Reign
The invasion is over! There are winners and there are losers, and in this important one-shot Eisner award-winning team of Bendis and Maleev, (New Avengers: Illuminati, Civil War: The Confession) stage for the next major era in Marvel Comics. Stay beenies, boys, because you've never seen your universe upside down like this!
War of Kings - Who Will Rule
When the smoke settles from the war of the kings of number 6, which will claim the throne ? Following the final clash between Black Bolt and Vulcan , the fate of the empire and the Cree Shi'ar Imperium should be solved ! And if the war is really over , what are the threats swarming in the shadows? Inhumans ... Starjammers ... Darkhawk ... Nova ...
Iron Man - Iron Protocols
Deep within a secret government base beneath the arctic tundra lies the "Ark": repository that contains the genetic code for all life on Earth. But the problem of rogue Artificial Intelligence has decided that the best way to protect the samples are eradicating every living creature! Only Iron Man has the knowledge to stop the car, but he only got
New Mutants Saga
Psyche! Freckle! Cannonball! Wolfsbane! Karma! They are New Mutants you know and love. And along with Magic, Magma, Cypher and Warlock, they were the backbone of the era that so many current X-readers came to treasure. NEW SAGA mutants catch you on this seminal period of X-history - from their very first team until the arrival of new members, the
X-Men - The Times and Life of Lucas Bishop #01-03 Complete
Now you know that Lucas Bishop - former cop , Renegade X-Man- refuses to rest until he has killed the so-called " Mutant Messiah. But do you know why ? To answer this question you need to look into the past of a bishop who actually means jumping 50 years into the future , when his parents barely escaped a nuclear holocaust , only to land in the
X-Men - Manifest Destiny - Nightcrawler
After moving to San Francisco and after the events of X-Infernus, Night realize the bitter truth-he has to quit the X-Men. Kurt realized that the X-Men just do not need it anymore. It does not work on its high level and even the biggest strength he has - teleportation - were released by Pixie who can do it better and more efficiently. Do not miss
X-Men - Sword of the Braddocks #1
Before she can come home to X-Men, Betsy Braddock has one final mission-bills once and for all with the man who was hunting her through multyvselennoy. If she hopes to survive, Psylocke have to use every weapon at her disposal ---- and possibly cross the line ?„– X-Man ever has before ...
X-Men Vs. Hulk
You're Colossus, the steel skin X-Man who can dish out some serious pain. So when Wolverine wants to take you peg or two, and who call on this? If you think the average and green, you're on the right track ... Join X-Legend Chris Claremont for a tutorial in pain you will not forget! Plus: a classic tale Roy Thomas!
X-Men - Kingbreaker #01-04 Complete
X-Men were defeated. Havok, Polaris and the Starjammers are held and tortured in the most secure prison in the universe. Wonder Woman, and Korvus Lilandroy hunt for the Imperial Guard. Emperor Vulcan Shi'ar Empire and his expansion has begun. No king shall stand when Vulcan and his armies are done. Join Christopher Yost (X-FORCE) and Dustin Weaver
Uncanny X-men First Class #01-08 + Giant-Size Complete
The first days of the second generation of X-Men are revealed in a brand new series starring Cyclops, Storm, Banshee, Colossus, Night, Wolverine and Phoenix!
Marvel Divas #01-04 Complete
4 issues pages | 60 мb.

Tags: Marvel Divas Complete Marvel Collection 2009
* Diva (Di-vah), noun: an unusually glamorous and powerful woman. See Patsy "Hellcat" Walker; Felicia ?«Black Cat" Hardy, Angelica "Fiery" Jones and Monica "Photon" Rambeau. What happens when you take four of the most fabulous one of the Marvel Universe girls and throw them together, adding copious amounts of foam and drama? You get the sassiest,
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