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X-Treme X-Men - Savage Land #01-04 Complete
They are mutants. They live on the known Earth. They are the X-Men. But what is Savage Land? Who are the Saurids? Who is Brainchild and what does he have to do with the X-Men? What sinister motives hide behind the veil of his hospitality? All revealed in this action packed mini-series starring the X-Men...
X-Treme X-Men Vol.1 #01-46 + Annual Complete
The X-Men are in Valencia, Spain, where they all get attacked by the local guardia forces. Rogue is shot into the sea, while Storm, Bishop, Beast, Psylocke and Thunderbird are caught; only Sage manages to escape. The Deputy Minister of Justice arrives at the high tech base of the guardia where she is met by the commanding officer. He tells her
X-Treme X-Men Vol.2 #01-13 Complete
Ongoing series written by Greg Pak and drawn by Stephen Segovia, Paco Diaz and Andre Araujo starring a ragtag team of X-Men from alternate Earth. In no way connected with the name of Chris Claremont in 2001, which carried the same credentials. This is more than an updated version of the exiles, with the Earth in 616 Dazzler as the lead character.
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