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Civil War - X-Men
Enough is enough! The tension between the X-Men, the 198 and the O*N*E* has finally reached a breaking point. As CIVIL WAR rips apart the Marvel Universe, the X-Men also find themselves crumbling from the inside out. Will they admit defeat, or will they finally start to fight back? Collects Civil War: X-Men #1 - 4.
Civil War - Iron Man (TPB)
Tales of suspense ripped from the pages of CIVIL WAR! First, get inside the mind of Tony Stark, and learn why he feels superhuman registration is necessary - and why he's taken it upon himself to lead the charge for its implementation! Big changes are in store for Iron Man in the post-Civil War landscape, and the build-up begins here! Plus: In the
Wolverine - Knight of Terra
An extradimensional adventure! In the medieval land of Geshem, Wolverine is approached by Shaman (Professor X), to stop the homicidal rampage of a man known only as Beast. Wolverine must fight for the honor of Queen Rain…and for the safety of Geshem’s citizens!
X-Men - Brood #01-02 Complete
While the cover says X-Men/Brood: Day of Wrath, the indicia is titled as "X-Men vs. The Brood". A two-issue limited-series featuring the X-Men fighting for the life of Hannah Connover against Brood assassins sent to kill her. This is sort of a continuation of a story that started way back in The Uncanny X-Men #232. Drawn by Bryan Hitch!
X-Treme X-Men - Savage Land #01-04 Complete
They are mutants. They live on the known Earth. They are the X-Men. But what is Savage Land? Who are the Saurids? Who is Brainchild and what does he have to do with the X-Men? What sinister motives hide behind the veil of his hospitality? All revealed in this action packed mini-series starring the X-Men...
Generation NeXt #1-4 Complete
4 issues pages | 62.9 мb.

Tags: Generation NeXt Ace Chamber Bishop
Generation Next is a team led by Colossus and Shadowcat and charged by Magneto with the suicide mission of rescuing I llyana Rasputin from the labor camps of Core Seattle. All events in this volume are a part of the major X-Men story arc of Age of Apocalypse on Earth-295. The team consists of Colossus, Shadowcat, Husk, Chamber, Skin, Vincente,
Giant-Size Little Marvel - AvX #01
Strong, funny, crazy and most adorable characters Marvel throw. Thanks to all of your favorite including the Cyclops, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Wolverine! They are all there, just shorter! Skottie Young brings the big guns in the fans of the series waiting for!
Uncanny X-Force Vol.1 #01-35 Complete
Strange X-Force Volume 1 Several of the continuation of X-Force Vol. 2. As a result of the Second Coming, the X-Men Wolverine learned about the secret X-Force. Faced with the Cyclops, Wolverine agrees to disband the team for ethical reasons. Unknown Cyclops, Wolverine is actually ready to start a brand-new X-Force, consisting of Deadpool,
Fatale Vol.4 - Pray For Rain
Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll, and ritual murderers all collide in the most bizarre and fascinating volume Fatale yet. A strange woman without memory stumbles in life struggling grunge band in the mid-90s Seattle ... She their muse? Will it save them from the "one-hit wonder" status? Or it will be something much worse, especially since there's a
Fatale Vol.3 - West of Hell
The third arc of the hits of the hit series is worth the same day as the next begins! From the dark days of the depression, in the Middle Ages and in the old west, these tales of horror and myth and mystery Femme Fatale reveal secrets even our heroine does not know about himself. Bold and experimental, this pulp noir horror at its best. Collects
Fatale Vol.1 - Death Chases Me
The first arc of the surprise hit of Image, going just in time for new readers to jump on board with question 6! Secrets, lies, terror, lust and monsters from the time to time, all facing in Fatale: Death chases me. Currently, a man meets a woman who he instantly becomes obsessed, and in 1950, this same woman destroys the lives of all those who
Fatale Vol.5 - Curse the Demon
The final book in the Ed Brubaker and bestselling horror-noir epic Sean Phillips. Secrets of the Immortal Femme Fatale and her opponent taped to their final explosive confrontation. Collects Fatale # 20-24.
Artful Daggers #15
20 pages | 23.3 мb.

Tags: Artful Daggers Arden Bishop Colin Marcus Piper
Arden and the bishop to meet face-to-face, while Piper and Marcus confront their trust issues, and Colin is taking a trip to see his boss.
Fatale #23
21 pages | 46.7 мb.

Tags: Fatale Bishop Josephine Nicolas Lash
The strangest question Fatale yet, Nicolas Lash finally learn the latest secrets of Josephine, and the universe will never look the same.
Uncanny Avengers - The Apocalypse Twins Vol.2
The future begins in the past! This clash of the titans in the 11th century , Thor fights Apocalypse! Avengers ancestors hunted with Rama-Tut and Kang pulls the strings , and only young Thor can save their future mates ! And today , the beginning of the end looms debut Apocalypse Twins! Why do they seek anger gods ? What is their relationship with
Fatale #22
30 pages | 43 мb.

Tags: Fatale Bishop Josephine Nicolas Lash
The life story of the man-monster called The Bishop.
Decimation - House Of M - The Day After
It was the worst day in the history of X-Men. Now it's the day after. House of M is over, but the effects will be felt throughout his life. As the X-Men pick up the pieces in a world that has completely changed? This special one-off is the worlds first real look at the whole universe Marvel, post-House of M. It also gives a special preview of the
Bishop Complete 1994-2013
61 issues pages | 756 мb.

Tags: X-Men Bishop Collection
This insludes all series, mini-series, title comics and series starring the X-men character Bishop from 1994-2013. Bishop XSE Bishop: Xavier's Security Enforcers Gambit & Bishop: Sons of the Atom mini-series and Specials Bishop: The Last X-Man X-Men: The Times and Life of Lucas Bishop District X Mutopia X-Men: The 198
XSE #01-04 Complete
4 issues pages | 49.2 мb.

Tags: XSE Amazon Billiboy Bishop Colossus Cyclops Daemon Forge
End of the Summers Rebellion is shown with Cyclops dies. Storm has shown to be a grandmother crock. Formation XSE explained due to mutant terrorists who continued in their violent ways after Summers Rebellion which overthrew control sentinel in XSE was formed police threatened and M tattoos as a sign for the officers.
What If - Magneto Had Formed the X-Men with Professor X #01
X-Men legend Chris Claremont joins with hot shot art team Callie Hamner (inside) and Jim Cheung (outside) to ask the question that should be answered only with speculation. Imagine a world where the Master of Magnetism has chosen a different path. Or perhaps he could shake Xavier from his own beliefs? These two legends haunt Multiple X-Men Canon,
Exiles Vol.1 #01-100 + Annual HD Complete
101 issues pages | 4820 мb.

Tags: Exiles Apocalypse Archangel Beast Bishop Blink Blob Cannonball
One of the best series in history, if you do not mind a butt load of people X-Men in the book. Imagine displaying regulators What if combined. Some of the worlds from the previous books, some of them brand new, but the series really opened up a new and visited Marvel Universe ( Earth- 616). Members may have changed, but the most interesting thing
Uncanny X-Force #17
"Vendetta" PART IV Classic X-Force villain Stryfe is back! And he seeks to exact revenge on the man who left him broken and adrift in the timestream: CABLE . How to Plan Strife comes to bear , Hope brought face to face with the bishop , the man who crusaded through the centuries in a mission to destroy her . But this time , it is ready to
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