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Steel, the Indestructible Man #01-05
The book is an origin story of Steel in 1939 before America enters into war during World War II (WWII). As a civilian Hank goes to Germany and sees a Jewish man receive a beating and fears that the old man was later killed after he left. When he arrives back to the States, he finds that Germany has invaded Poland and he leaves Princeton to join
Saga of the Swamp Thing Vol.6
This hardcover collection of issues #57-64 of SWAMP THING begins across the galaxy, where the Swamp Thing's consciousness has been hurled. Trying to find his way back to Earth, Swamp Thing stops over on Thanagar, home of Hawkman; Rann, home of Adam Strange; and encounters the Green Lantern of a world of sentient plants.
Airboy - Deadeye #01-05
5 issues pages | 70.3 мb.

Tags: Airboy - Deadeye Airboy Adolf Hitler The Heap Valkyrie
World War Two is over, but Airboy's work isn't done! Davy Nelson, the teenaged fighting ace known to the world as Airboy, returns to the skies in this brand new limited series! Using his miraculous plane, Birdy, Davy finds and defeats a Japanese air ace holding out on a remote island. When he visits the man in postwar Tokyo, Airboy uncovers a
Fables - The Deluxe Edition - Book 10
In an epic from FABLES #77-82, JACK OF FABLES #33-35, and THE LITERALS #1-3, the existence of the Fables is threatened by The Literals, who just don’t like their messy, mythical lives. And in the original graphic novel FABLES: WEREWOLVES OF THE HEARTLAND, Bigby Wolf goes on a quest to find a new location for Fabletown, only to find a village
Ivar, Timewalker Vol.1 - Making History
From the dawn of the dinosaurs…to the Battle of Trafalgar…to the end of time itself…the first century-spanning adventure of IVAR, TIMEWALKER starts here! At this very moment in Geneva, Switzerland, history is being made. A thousand meters underground inside the Large Hadron Collider, researcher Neela Sethi is about to discover time travel
Giant-Size Invaders #1
The first Invaders in Marvel's short-lived giant-size comics campaign.Giant-Size Invaders 1 recounts the origin of Captain America in a flashback scene as young scrawny Steve Rogers drinks Dr. Erskine’s Super Soldier Formula. Almost immediately after Rogers drinks the formula, Dr. Erskine is shot and killed by Nazi agent Kruger who had
B.P.R.D. Vol.13 - 1947
After the discovery of a trainload of Nazi officers drained of blood, the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense learns that there are things far more ancient and dangerous than they could have imagined in this direct sequel to B.P.R.D.: 1946. Broom enlists an already damaged crew to lead an investigation that may be doomed before it can
B.P.R.D. Vol.9 - 1946
In the wake of the Second World War, Professor Trevor Bruttenholm--occult investigator and guardian of the infant Hellboy--founded the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense to investigate and defuse the remains of the Axis's sophisticated occult warfare projects and potential Soviet threats. Now, with the help of a handful of war-weary
Edgar Rice Burroughs's Tarzan Omnibus
ALL-STAR CREATORS! Dark Horse’s contributions to the Lord of the Jungleshine in this collection of previously uncollected stories! Tarzan fights for Jane’s life, races against Nazis in search of a powerful artifact, encounters classic characters from Victorian literature, and battles Martians! Collects Tarzan #1–#20 and Tarzan: A Tale of
Superman at Earth's End
The Earth has suffered an apocalypse, and Superman's trying to save Gotham City! But, is there anything worth saving?
The Royals - Masters of War
Year 1940 As London Blitz destroys and kills thousands, the royal family is facing. But in this world, only people with special abilities are royalty, and cleaner pedigree, the greater their ability. When England's Prince Henry can not take no more and intervenes to break the truce between the royal families, will it stop the suffering of the
Superior Spider-Man Vol.1 - My Own Worst Enemy
Peter Parker is a lifetime struggling to improve the world, but his story ended with a dramatic final, fatal casualties. Now, the sworn enemy of Peter Doctor Octopus took control of his body - and his life. Otto Octavius ​​is Spider-Man! So he decided to prove that he is superior to his former opponent in all respects. But his baptism of fire
Anthem #01-05
5 issues pages | 226.7 мb.

Tags: Anthem Adolf Hitler Liberty Girl Rockets Redglare
Anthem darker saga alternate Earth, and super heroes that have been created to save it. In this world, Pearl Harbor was not just an attack on Japanese aircraft sleepy Hawaiian base. It was a full-scale assault on the West Coast of the US imperial Japanese troops led by towering monster that can absorb ocean of Godzilla, and on the East Coast of
Deadpool vs. X-Force #04
Deadpool is dead-set on destroying time! X-Force is extra for-sure not going to let him! X-Force is stronger ... but Deadpool is more popular! Who will win ???
Batman - Legends of the Dark Knight Annual #01-07 Complete
Batman feels many amazing adventures ... just common thread, he must defend a bunch of great importance.
Superior Spider-Man Vol.1 - My Own Worst Enemy
Peter Parker has spent his entire life fighting to improve the world , but his story ended with a dramatic final, fatal casualties. Now, Peter's archenemy Dr. Octopus took control of his body - and his life . Otto Octavius ​​is Spider-Man ! And he is determined to prove his superiority to his former rival in all respects. But his baptism of
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