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New X-Men - Academy X Yearbook #1
The New Mutants are at their absolute lowest. Will the kids be able to work out their problems and become a team again?! A special issue celebrating the run on New X-Men by writers Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir! Featuring Handbook-style entries on all your favorite New Mutants and Hellions characters! After recent events, the New Mutants
X-Infernus #01-04 Complete
In this December's X-Infernus, we're throwing the doors to Limbo wide open again and who knows what will come crawling out this time! The Darkchilde that was once Illyana Rasputin is alive and well, causing serious concerns for the Uncanny X-Men, especially her brother Colossus, but will they be willing to take the chance and sacrifice the lives
X-Tinction Agenda #04
Everything comes to a head in the Secret Wars continuation of the classic X-staining Agenda! With the advent of repowered Cameron Hodge all X-Men must unite to remove their resurgent enemy. But even with their combined might, not everyone can be moving away from this fight.
Spider-Man & The X-Men #02
Bad Teacher! Spider has got his X-students passionate about Sauron and Stegron! Can they stop the colonization of Wild Earth Staten Island? Traitor! Shark Girl has really betrayed her classmates for these cold creeps? Romance! Have you ever seen Pteranodon / stegosaurus / sharks love triangle? You, if you buy this question!
X-Men #16
24 pages | 37.8 мb.

Tags: X-Men Pixie Primal Psylocke Rachel Grey Rockslide Sabra
The future came calling ... and he wants his son this man is! But it will be the anniversary and the X-Men let their bouncing boy without a fight? Anxiety barrier: hell no!
Nation X - X-Factor
The story of two islands: One is called utopia, floating off the coast of San Francisco, serving as home to most of the remnants of the once populous species known as Homo Superior, aka mutants. Others call Manhattan, soaring over the Hudson, serving as building ten million people ... and a small group of mutants who call themselves the X-Factor,
Psylocke #01-04 Complete
Psylocke returned to the X-Men! After the defeat of Madeline Pryor and her sisters, Psylocke travels to Japan to re-inter her former body in good vacation spot. But when a swarm of Hand ninjas attack Psylocke and do the unspeakable under orders Matsu'o-assassin originally responsible for transplanting Psylocke mind into the body of Asian
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