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Doctor Strange & Doctor Doom - Triumph and Torment
In this book The Ancient One calls a gathering of sorcerers to the Temple Of Three in Indonesia. As the wizards arrive at the temple they are introduced, yet none garner the awe as the sorcerer supreme Doctor Strange, and none get the scorn as the dictator of Latveria Dr. Doom. As soon as all of the wizards arrive, the Vishante consisting of
Deadpool Annual 2011
Deadpool teams up with Deadpool (well, Deathwish) in this alternate reality doppelganger extravaganza! The trip to a perfect world continues here from last month's Spider-Man Annual and features occasional attempts at serious subplot storytelling with guest stars Spider-Man and Hulk. But nothing is as it seems and all will be revealed!
Mutant Misadventures of Cloak & Dagger #01-19
The second ongoing series starring Cloak and Dagger in their own title. This series was a continuation of the adventures Cloak and Dagger had in Strange Tales vol 3. This series was bi-monthly and lasted for 19 issues.
X-Infernus #01-04 Complete
In this December's X-Infernus, we're throwing the doors to Limbo wide open again and who knows what will come crawling out this time! The Darkchilde that was once Illyana Rasputin is alive and well, causing serious concerns for the Uncanny X-Men, especially her brother Colossus, but will they be willing to take the chance and sacrifice the lives
Thanos - A God Up There Listening
Later infinity, Thain has to come to terms with being the son of Thanos. But when he suggested a way to observe firsthand the black work of his father, he can keep his humanity? Definition Thain not to follow in his father's footsteps affected shall be put to the ultimate test as he fled from the assassins of the galaxy - but what is the truth
Thanos Annual #01
Jim Starlin returns to Thanos, and he brought INFINITY GAUNTLET artist Ron Lim with him! Thanos encountered Mephisto, his future self, the Avengers and more! Learn how a crushing defeat in the last set of events Thanos "in motion, which requires a change in the Marvel Universe in the near future! Prequel to the upcoming Thanos: INFINITY REVELATION
Revolutionary War - Omega #01
The last question in Part 8 EPIC Triumphant return of Marvel UK reaches its epic conclusion! Will Agents MI: 13 can stop anything that was going Mys-Tech?
Thunderbolts #22
"No Mercy" Part 3 How far Thunderbolts to deal with Mercy? Will they make a deal with the devil ...? Or Mephisto, which technically is not the devil?
Hellcat #01-03 Complete
Patsy Walker returns from the dead to star in her own mini-series. It combines the role of Patsy as defenders, as well as her role as a teenage romance comics character.
X-Men - Manifest Destiny - Nightcrawler
After moving to San Francisco and after the events of X-Infernus, Night realize the bitter truth-he has to quit the X-Men. Kurt realized that the X-Men just do not need it anymore. It does not work on its high level and even the biggest strength he has - teleportation - were released by Pixie who can do it better and more efficiently. Do not miss
Venom #42
25 pages | 48.1 мb.

Tags: Venom Crossbones Flash Thompson Mania Mephisto 2013
It's all out war ... with Venom, mania, crossbones, DOA, and ... Mephisto? But who is on whose side? The ultimate fate is revealed Mania! Will it keep the symbiote? Is this the end Venom dance with the devil? Or just the beginning?
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