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Spider-Man & The X-Men #06
Spider Man is trapped in the grip of one of the greatest enemies of X-Men! All betrayals, deceptions and misunderstandings revealed! And shopping center gets completely destroyed! So why not?
Spider-Man & The X-Men #03
Good news! Spider-Man and X-11.30pm students received a late night talk show slot! Bad news! Its executive producers Chameleon and Mojo! And his first guests sinister sixty-six! Plus! Return Wolverine? Well ... kind of. (Not really. But it seems.)
Spider-Man & The X-Men #02
Bad Teacher! Spider has got his X-students passionate about Sauron and Stegron! Can they stop the colonization of Wild Earth Staten Island? Traitor! Shark Girl has really betrayed her classmates for these cold creeps? Romance! Have you ever seen Pteranodon / stegosaurus / sharks love triangle? You, if you buy this question!
Uncanny X-Men - Revolution Vol.1
True flagship X-Men series returns ... NOW! In the wake of the case of Phoenix, exactly what are the Cyclops and his team of criminal X-Men - visionary revolutionaries or dangerous terrorists ? Whatever the truth , Cyclops , Emma Frost , Magneto, and the Magic are going to new mutants and redefining the name Uncanny X-Men. But they face a severe
All-New X-Men - Out Of Their Depth Vol.3
Temporary displaced young X-Men continue to adapt to modernity , is both more impressive and more disturbing than any future young heroes could imagine for themselves. As Jean Grey pushes her powers to the limit, shaking her and the rest of X-Men to the core, one of the young X-Men breaks rank - and leaves to join the adult Cyclops and his
All-New X-Men - Here To Stay Vol.2
Yesterday's X-Men continue to adapt to modern times , it is both more impressive and more disturbing than any future young heroes could imagine for themselves. And all becomes even more dangerous when the villainous duo Mystic and Sabretooth guide our young time travelers - from the Cyclops ! Plus : How will the Earth's mightiest heroes react to
X-Men #13
24 pages | 36 мb.

Tags: X-Men Armor Doop Hellion Jubilee Pixie Primal
Bloodline PART 1 Jubilee is haunted by the past ... or this man is his future?
X-Men - Divided We Stand #01-02 Complete
Recovered from the events of Messiah Complex, we see that the future may bring to some X-Men.
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