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Spider-Man & The X-Men #05
Tour! Spider-Man and the X-children burst into space to remove Deathbird Brood-Symbiote Imperium! Glob Herman finest hour! And the identity of the Mole revealed! Maybe we should bring it!
Storm #10
The storm was traveling the world, better world for man and mutant, so ... But what happens when a familiar figure she could not in the past returns, seeking retribution?
Spider-Man & The X-Men #02
Bad Teacher! Spider has got his X-students passionate about Sauron and Stegron! Can they stop the colonization of Wild Earth Staten Island? Traitor! Shark Girl has really betrayed her classmates for these cold creeps? Romance! Have you ever seen Pteranodon / stegosaurus / sharks love triangle? You, if you buy this question!
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