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Future Imperfect #03
SERIES Secret Wars Come to the MAESTRO, you'd better not miss it !!! THING captured? Layla Miller knows the material ... like how to get hold of maestro! But can RUBIN summer and its rebels Layla trust at all?
Future Imperfect #01
23 pages | 42.3 мb.

Tags: Future Imperfect Maestro Ruby Summers Thing
About BATTLEWORLD, dictator dystopia IS a familiar face! Terms MAESTRO, but there are those who want to overthrow it! What role RUBIN SUMMERS have in terms of this dangerous rebellion? There were indeed found the rebels one, father of the gods, as an ally against the Maestro?
Nation X - X-Factor
The story of two islands: One is called utopia, floating off the coast of San Francisco, serving as home to most of the remnants of the once populous species known as Homo Superior, aka mutants. Others call Manhattan, soaring over the Hudson, serving as building ten million people ... and a small group of mutants who call themselves the X-Factor,
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