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Daredevil Epic Collection - A Touch Of Typhoid
How do you solve a problem like Mary? That's Typhoid Mary, the lethally seductive assassin unleashed by the Kingpin in his campaign to break Matt Murdock. She's a "love-maker and a man-hater" with multiple personalities - including one to target Matt, and another with her sights set on Daredevil! Under attack from both sides, the champion of
X-Infernus #01-04 Complete
In this December's X-Infernus, we're throwing the doors to Limbo wide open again and who knows what will come crawling out this time! The Darkchilde that was once Illyana Rasputin is alive and well, causing serious concerns for the Uncanny X-Men, especially her brother Colossus, but will they be willing to take the chance and sacrifice the lives
Ghost Rider Finale #1
71 pages | 36.7 мb.

Tags: Ghost Rider Finale Belasco Dante Kale Blackheart
The original creative team unites to complete an issue eight years in the making! In early 1998, GHOST RIDER #93 ended with a shocking cliffhanger: the death of Dan Ketch, the Ghost Rider's human host! But the book was canceled prematurely, prior to the release of the series finale in GHOST RIDER #94 - which had already been written and was almost
Captain Britain and MI13 Annual
Meggan wife of Captain Britain, X-Man in hell. And she will fight your way home. For many years, transaction, battles, only with love, to guide her. Can she return to Earth in time to help her husband to return Dracula and his evil invasion? And in that the metal hand glove offering? Do not miss this key part of the "Vampire State"! Plus: MI13
Doctor Voodoo - Avenger of the Supernatural #01-05 Complete
Launching from the pages of New Avengers, Jericho Drumm assumes the role of Marvel's new Sorcerer Almighty Dr. VOODOO! The series lasted only 5 questions with one special name Doctor Voodoo: Origin of Jericho Drumm.
Chaos War - Chaos King
Chaos War tie-in! What method or madness is conscious chaos KING? Witness the first strikes of the war chaos here! As darkness blankets the stars, only the gods ZENN-La, home of the Silver Surfer, remain to oppose the Chaos King before he begins his march to the final battle: Earth! And Earth's first line of defense to stop this evil? IMPOSSIBLE
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