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Spider-Man & The X-Men #06
Spider Man is trapped in the grip of one of the greatest enemies of X-Men! All betrayals, deceptions and misunderstandings revealed! And shopping center gets completely destroyed! So why not?
Spider-Man & The X-Men #05
Tour! Spider-Man and the X-children burst into space to remove Deathbird Brood-Symbiote Imperium! Glob Herman finest hour! And the identity of the Mole revealed! Maybe we should bring it!
Spider-Man & The X-Men #03
Good news! Spider-Man and X-11.30pm students received a late night talk show slot! Bad news! Its executive producers Chameleon and Mojo! And his first guests sinister sixty-six! Plus! Return Wolverine? Well ... kind of. (Not really. But it seems.)
Spider-Man & The X-Men #02
Bad Teacher! Spider has got his X-students passionate about Sauron and Stegron! Can they stop the colonization of Wild Earth Staten Island? Traitor! Shark Girl has really betrayed her classmates for these cold creeps? Romance! Have you ever seen Pteranodon / stegosaurus / sharks love triangle? You, if you buy this question!
Savage Wolverine - Wrath Vol.3
138 pages | 215.6 мb.

Tags: Savage Wolverine - Wrath Anole Broo Cypher Daken Dust Ernst
Two wild tales by industry superstars! Firstly, Wolverine meets a brutal killer on an African safari - one that will take him halfway around the world to return to their old stomping basis Madripoor. But all is not as he left it. And as Wolverine, as a rule, the family business, he makes a shocking discovery! Guest-starring Kitty Pryde! Then, in
Wolverine and the X-Men #05
Wolverine is at the mercy of the Phoenix Corporation while the storm race to save Jean Grey School! Only Evan Fantomex can save from death - but dare he? Latour and Asrar continue Schlager all new Marvel now!
Wolverine and the X-Men #03
WHO ARE THE PHOENIX CORPORATION? Question of the year continues - with another: what they want from Quentin letter? Latour and Asrar bring you a turning point in the life of Logan and Oror Munro!
Wolverine and the X-Men #02
Welcome to the Jean Grey High School ! ALL NEW MIRACLE MESSAGE school smash-hit series with Jason Latour ( Winter Soldier ) and Mahmud Asrar (X-MEN) leading the charge of the drama , action and Homework Help (? )! The world-famous X Men Wolverine, Storm, and stellar faculty should educate the next generation of powerful, but inexperienced mutants!
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