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X-Men - Asgardian Wars
Elsewhere at the top of a surprise the world and the heart of another! At the Arctic Circle, X-Men and Alpha Flight find a force that can save the world at the cost of the destruction of ... what? But the cost is not an object, when the power is revealed as a gift from Loki, who does not like his presents back! When God loses its premium Lies, he
Amazing X-Men #11
Part 4 (5) of the First World War, the Wendigo! As a threat to the Wendigo is distributed across Canada, the X-Men take the battle to a new front world of spirits! Guest staring Alpha Flight!
Deadpool #34
Flashback to the 90's, we know the darkest secrets of the past Deadpool! View Events Friends Deadpool learned this first hand original sin! Guest-Starring Sablezuba 90 in, 90 in Alpha Flight, and 90 work of art!
Chaos War - Alpha Flight
Chaos War tie-ins! Alpha Flight is back! Original members Guardian, guard, Shaman and Marina returned to the great beyond to join their team in battle larger than life or death! As the chaos of the king and his army cut a path of destruction across the universe of Marvel, the return of Alpha Flight may just be what the heroes need to turn the
Civil War - The Initiative
Post-war Marvel Universe begins here! The war is over! Let the healing begin! This all-new special written by Brian Bendis, especially for the modern legend Marc Silvestri, debuts the all-new Iron Man, OMEGA FLIGHT, Mighty Avengers New Avengers and a special chapter written by Warren Ellis ... Lightning! Each chapter is an important all-new
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