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All-New X-Men Annual #01
The Secret Life of Eva BELL - Part 2 The second part of the trip Eve Bell for centuries! With limited control over her powers, and even less control over its direction, Eve thought herself lost in time. But only when she came to accept it as the truth, her world again broke into pieces as it has once again sent tumbling over time.
Uncanny X-Men Annual #01
28 pages | 55.2 мb.

Tags: Uncanny X-Men Annual Killraven Tempus
The Secret Life of Eva BELL - Part 1 The first part of the epic two-part story about the time of manipulating the greatest secret mutant Eve Bella. Loss of control over her powers, Eva disappeared during a training exercise in Tabula Rasa. Reappear shortly thereafter, she seemed older and much more weathered, but refused to give an explanation.
Uncanny X-Men Vol.4 - Vs. S.H.I.E.L.D.
After relentless pursuit and a near-fatal attack Sentinel uncanny X-Men and their mutant revolution in advance! Their goal? International Organisation SHIELD spy! But as members of the team Cyclops fights to save their species, they only dig yourself in deeper and dangerous hole? Who is the mysterious figure of the construction of the Guardians
Uncanny X-Men #24
With the secrets held in the will of Xavier bared, as will be X-Men deal with the shadows of his past? Can power previously unknown to them now to be their biggest threat?
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