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Uncanny X-Men by Kieron Gillen Vol.1
In the wake of SCHISM, UNCANNY X-MEN starts over. What is to become of Cyclops and the mutants who side with him after the big split? And what does it have to do with the resurrected Mr. Sinister? The hottest new writer in the business, Kieron Gillen (THOR), and superstar artist Carlos Pacheco (ULTIMATE AVENGERS) bring you the biggest and baddest
X-23 #01
38 pages | 71.2 мb.

Tags: X-23 Bobby Soul Catiana Jubilee Lil' Bro Kiden Nixon
X-23 has spent her short life being used by those in power, from the military to the X-Men. But when she is forced to confront a being who can control her life with nothing but a thought, will X-23 finally learn how to fight -- not for others, but herself? Guest-starring NYX!

X-23 #01 (2010)

Publisher: Marvel
Wolverine - Days of Future Past #01-03
Nearly two decades from now, the United States of America are no more. Instead, the North American continent is run by a provisional government implemented by the man-made mutant hunters called Sentinels. The once-respected espionage agency, S.H.I.E.L.D., has become no more than a gestapo run by a man who was once among the country's greatest
X-Men '92 #01
66 pages | 60.6 мb.

Tags: Jubilee X-Men '92 Chris Sims
Everyone's favorite version of the X-Men from the 90's is back! When Baron Kelly charges draft of pure mountain and this mysterious new director with "mutant rehabilitation," it is up to X to explore! PLUS: free range Guardians?!?
X-Men #26
22 pages | 33.6 мb.

Tags: X-Men Jubilee M Psylocke Rachel Grey Storm
Conclusion MS. The first miracle creator G. Willow Wilson X-Men tale "HORYASCHAYA WORLD"! Exploring the mysterious natural phenomena in the Black Desert, X-Men discovered something terrible that has connections with its own past. Looking back on history, whether X-Men find a way to win the day in this time or they are doomed to make the same
X-Men #25
22 pages | 29.6 мb.

Tags: X-Men Jubilee M Medusa Psylocke
As natural phenomena tear Black Rock Desert Apartments storm stuck in the depths of the earth in the midst of Racing X-Men, to find answers and save them teammate! And while some teams follow a lead that takes them in inhumane Queen Medusa, Psylocke makes an explosive opening of her own ...
Savage Wolverine Vol.4 - The Best There Is
Untold Tales of a century of life Wolverine! In 1963, Wolverine must protect a group of innocent workers of evil. Meanwhile, in Dallas, the event will change the world. Then, to meet the sole survivor in 1929 Valentine's Day Massacre: Wolverine! Bandits, bullets, babies, villains, heroes and killing at autopsy in Capone! Further, in the midst of
X-Men #22
"Exogenous" Conclusion! "Arrow" executive producer Marc Guggenheim wraps up its run on this critically acclaimed arc X-Men! Time running out as the race X-Men, in order to save the Earth from alien monsters that have emerged from the depths of space! But whether Rachel Grey leave her teammates to take revenge on those responsible for the death of
Jubilee (1-6 series) Complete
6 issues pages | 55.7 мb.

Tags: Jubilee Jubilee comics Join Jubilee
Dzhubileyshen Lee was born and raised in Beverly Hills. Her parents were wealthy Chinese immigrants. Naturally, the parents send her daughter to an elite school, where sports activities Jubilee showed outstanding ability of the gymnast. In adolescence, the girl began to show unusual abilities, as streams of colored sparks. These are capable of
X-Men #21
"Exogenous" Part 4 of 5! As the race X-Men, to find the origins of the threat that emerged from deep space, they discover that there is more to the conspiracy at work ... one that may have its roots close to home! What links a mysterious agent of the brand in order Providian? How could the secret death of birds in upsetting the balance of the
X-Men #20
23 pages | 44.4 мb.

Tags: X-Men Abigail Brand Jubilee M Psylocke Rachel Grey Storm
In the depths of space, the X-Men are faced with the threat of terrorizing sword monster called "Genespliced" -creatures engineering of the most brutal alien races across the galaxy. But the X-Men hope to stop the alien horde? And is the leader of his own sword, Abigail Brand, learn more about what she was letting Genespliced ​​on?
X-Men #18
22 pages | 47.6 мb.

Tags: X-Men Beast Jubilee Kymera Primal Shogo Sprite
Future came calling ... and he wants his son Shogo same! But it will be the anniversary and the X-Men let their bouncing boy without a fight? Spoiler alert: hell no!
X-Men #17
24 pages | 42.9 мb.

Tags: X-Men Beast Jubilee Kymera Primal Shogo Sprite
Future came calling ... and he wants his son Shogo same! But it will be the anniversary and the X-Men let their bouncing boy without a fight? Spoiler alert: hell no!
X-Men #15
24 pages | 32.8 мb.

Tags: X-Men Jubilee Kymera M Psylocke Rachel Grey
Generational saga / war unfolds ... Mothers and Daughters, Fathers and Sons, and a poor center rat named Jubilee caught in the middle .. JGS has always been a school. Is it time to become an army? Or their differences prove his greatest asset?
Savage Wolverine #19
24 pages | 44 мb.

Tags: Savage Wolverine Jubilee Wolverine
He best thing is, what it does - but what if he has a bad day? Logan faces a head with some bad luck at the worst possible day. Jubilee can lend a hand? It's Wolverine is not good, very bad, very terrible day Gail Simone (Batgirl) and anyone!
X-Men #14
24 pages | 35.9 мb.

Tags: X-Men Jubilee M Pixie Psylocke Rachel Grey Storm
Jean Grey School is under attack, with the result that the young X-Man dead on the front lawn of the school. Jubilee worst nightmare has come true ... in future years and rewritten. Clay Mann (GAMBIT) joins Brian Wood for the terrifying new chapter in the history of the X-Men!
Wolverine Vol.6 #05
23 pages | 37.6 мb.

Tags: Wolverine Doop Fuel Jubilee Kitty Pryde Krakoa Lost Boy
ASSASSINS collect! Logan faces its most terrible threat yet - no healing factor to protect it. Gerardo Sandoval (CABLE & X-FORCE) joins team All-New Marvel Now smash-hit!
X-Men #13
24 pages | 36 мb.

Tags: X-Men Armor Doop Hellion Jubilee Pixie Primal
Bloodline PART 1 Jubilee is haunted by the past ... or this man is his future?
X-Force #03
23 pages | 36.5 мb.

Tags: X-Force Cable Fantomex Jubilee M Marrow MeMe
Race X-Force their enemy, a ruthless arms dealer Volga, through the jungles of Brazil to find a mutant that could be the key to his death. But Psylocke can curb its thirst for blood long enough to complete the mission? I introduced a new member to the team!
J2 #01-12 Complete
12 issues pages | 122.8 мb.

Tags: Angry Eagle J2 Jubilee Juggernaut Miller Hallendale Montana Gold
J2 is the story of Zane Yama, the son of original Juggernaut. This series was one of three titles that began in MC2 Concept in 1998. Format most of the issues have been one main story with two smaller backup systems stories. Since the release of number 5 is one of the backup history is often used to tell the tale of Wild Thing. Another distinctive
A-Next #01-12 Complete
This eighteenth birthday Kevin Masterson . Jarvis urges the son of former Avenger Eric Masterson, to give the young man 's father enchanted mace , Thunderstrike. As Kevin leaves some big bandits trying to steal the mace , revealing himself literal monsters . Jarvis activates defenses complex , buying enough time for the reserve Avengers to show .
X-Men Adventures Vol.3 #01-13 Complete
The story begins with shkatoryny Morlock scurrying with an unusual weapon and robbers and Lady fatal blow in hot pursuit. Leech something down in the tunnel and comes to Callisto , handing her a gun. Callisto says with a weapon , it will be able to discover an alien spacecraft inside the tunnel and have absolute power for himself and Morlock . But
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