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Years Of Future Past #05
Hour of falls from the ruins of New York, as a traitor is revealed The last hope of the mutants have to survive the people Guardians - and fury in the X-Men.
Years Of Future Past #04
Reeling from the secrets that kept Kate Pryde, the X-Men lead to a prison break from the last mutant internment camp. X-Men encounter with the friends and enemies ... and their true purpose is revealed in the end!
Years Of Future Past #03
SERIES Secret Wars Gouged up from the sanctuary last defender mutants faced with the Guardians over the ruins of New York City! Kate Pryde and her family take refuge in the madhouse Coney Island ... and dark revelation at last!
Years Of Future Past #02
Freed from the military prison, X-Men race through the ruins of the city in order to save his teammates from a terrible fate! Horrified by the fact that the mutants have to do to survive, Kate Pryde and her family have to struggle to find a way to save his people - and to seek refuge where sharp weapons waiting.
Years Of Future Past #01
In the dark peoples BATTLEWORLD, New York mutants must fight to survive the rule of the Guardians! In their heart of Kate Pryde, the heroine experienced war, and the mother of the last mutant ever born to purge Control Act Mutant! With the revolution in the wind, X-Men, a team is not disturbed with nothing to lose, but the desperate family with a
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