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Askani'Son #1-4 Complete
Cable's adventures as a young boy in the future. It is continued from the Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix mini-series, written and drawn by the same creative team of this mini-series. The limited series shows Nathaniel Dayspring's coming of age.
X-Men - Books of Askani
A special issue introducing you to all the characters from Cable’s timeline! What is the Askani? Who is the Askani? And what will an apocalyptic future look like for both human and mutant? A guide to a new, strange world! An introduction into the world of the Askani timeline. This issue reveals the major players and gives a quick synopsis of
X-Men - The Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix
Join Cyclops and Phoenix on a wild honeymoon all the time and learn how the young Nathan Summers was a man by the name of cable! When the couple pulled 2000 in future, they should raise the son of Cyclops in the shadow of the Apocalypse. Could this post-nuclear family to overthrow the ancient sadistic tyrant and his protГ©gГ©, the boy called
X-Men - The Complete Onslaught Epic - Book 1
It starts here! The saga that literally re-did the Marvel Universe in the 1990s, collected in chronological order of four volumes! Psi force of nature known only as Onslaught sprang from a fractured psyche mutant mentor Charles Xavier and genetic terrorist called Magneto. Powered by the wrath of his predecessors В», Onslaught besieged mankind -
X-Men - Search For Cyclops #01-04 Complete
Amnesiac and misled, Scott Summers struggles with memories of his fractured and the beast lurkes inside it! And as his hunters converge, Cyclops left with one solution: he sacrificed himself for once to stop the Apocalypse ... he can not bring himself to do it again?
X-Men - Phoenix #01-03 Complete
Find out how a young woman known as Rachel Summers became the savior of the cable and the last hope of humanity!
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