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War Machine Classic Vol.1
James Rhodes is War Machine, determined to right the world's wrongs one international incident at a time! When a human-rights activist is held captive in his own African nation, War Machine teams up with Nick Fury, Cable and Deathlok to rescue him - and they'll have to fight through the African military and even S.H.I.E.L.D. to do it! And just as
Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol.6
The first brand-new Spider-Man Masterworks volume in 12 years debuts just in time for SPIDER-MAN 2! This action-packed volume collects an 'amazing' selection of Spidey tales by legends Stan Lee & John Romita Sr . Includes a four-part Doctor Octopus epic - plus appearances by the Kingpin , Ka-Zar, the Spider-Slayer , Captain Stacy and more! And an
Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol.14
Peter Parker has never been easy. When he encounters a ne'er-do-wells glove loves fiery guy, Morbius and the Wolf Man, you know what luck Parker at full strength - and you're in store for a first-class adventure Spider-Man! Participants: from teetering on the brink of madness after the death of his father - AKA Green Goblin - Harry Osborn goes to
Wolverine - Old Man Logan
Mark Millar and Steve MakNayven - who last teamed for the monumental civil war - to bring us to the most important story of Wolverine's 21-th century. No one knows what happened on the night of fallen heroes. We all know that they have disappeared and evil triumphed, and the bad guys have been calling the shots since. What happened to Wolverine
Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies #01
The death sentence maximum BATTLEWORLD There is a place so dangerous is fenced off from the rest of BATTLEWORLD ... ... Where the Wild zombie feast on those who have already been expelled for crimes against the state. ... Where cold, mechanical ULTRONS destroy anything that man. Pity those who are caught between them, for their death will be quick
Spider-Man - The Manga #01-31 Complete
31 issues pages | 304.6 мb.

Tags: Spider-Man - The Manga Electro Yu Komori Mysterio
Yu Komori is a direct high school student who is socially awkward, at best. He is shy and timid little sneaky, but that soon changed after he was bitten by a spider, which was the product of a laboratory experiment gone awry! Now Yu Komori is the greatest hero of Tokyo Spider-Man! Although it is still a shy and awkward teenager in his personal
Edge of Spider-Verse #01
Spiderman NOIR is back! Peter Parker in the 1930s reveals itself not only against Mysterio, but knee when Spider-Man 2014!
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