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Doctor Strange & Doctor Doom - Triumph and Torment

Doctor Strange & Doctor Doom - Triumph and Torment

In this book The Ancient One calls a gathering of sorcerers to the Temple Of Three in Indonesia. As the wizards arrive at the temple they are introduced, yet none garner the awe as the sorcerer supreme Doctor Strange, and none get the scorn as the dictator of Latveria Dr. Doom.

As soon as all of the wizards arrive, the Vishante consisting of Oshtur, Hogath, and Agomotto, address them and tell them that there will be a contest. The task is to free the ancient one from a crystal. The prize is the title of sorcerer supreme.

After he is told to deactivate the technology in his gloves, that only wizardry and not technology is allowed in the contest, Dr. Doom complies, and the battle is on. One by one the sorcerers fall, finding it useless to call on the three for help since they are the adversaries, and noticing that any attack is reflected back at the attacker, Dr. Strange notices that only he and Dr. Doom are left.

Realizing what needs to be done, Dr. Strange ends the contest, and retains his title as the Sorcerer Supreme. The title this time comes with a wish. Not for the winner, but granted by the winner to the one who is in second place.

Fearing he would ask for help to rule the world, Dr. Strange argues to no avail. Yet Dr. Doom assures him he needs no help to do that, and would assure him that all he will askof him is to help free his mothers soul from hell.

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