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Daredevil - Redemption (TPB)
In the small, God-fearing town of Redemption Valley, a young boy's body is found dead and mutilated. Is it a ritualistic killing? The local bad boy, Joel Flood, is arrested and put in jail. A black-garbed, "devil-worshipping" metalhead, he must be guilty...or is he? Enter attorney and super hero Matt Murdock, brought in to save the troubled teen
Daredevil - Born Again
The definitive Daredevil tale, by industry legends Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli! Karen Page, Matt Murdock’s former lover, has traded away the Man Without Fear’s secret identity for a drug fix. Now, Daredevil must find strength as the Kingpin of Crime wastes no time taking him down as low as a human can get. Collecting DAREDEVIL #226-233.
Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol.2
Peter Parker's chosen profession is a series of unrelenting tests - but through all his trials, Spider-Man remains steadfast in his determination to use his gifts for the benefit of all. Featuring the first appearance by the Green Goblin, and Spidey's first meetings with Daredevil and the Hulk. Plus the Sinister Six!
Daredevil Season One (GN)
Matt Murdock is transformed into the Man Without Fear in this retelling of the origin of Daredevil. Many details are revealed about the early days of this great crime fighter. In the process of the storyline, Daredevil battles a host of famous villains. Included in the graphic novel is Daredevil #1 by Mark Waid.
Daredevil #01
Back in black and on his home turf, Daredevil begins again in New York City as a new enemy emerges. Meanwhile his alter ego, Matt Murdock, is on a new side of the law in the District Attorney's office. Fighting crime in the shadows, prosecuting bad guys in the light, it's a whole new chapter for our man without fear-including the arrival of the
Giant-Size Daredevil #1
Daredevil starts to prowl the city after a lengthy training session. During his patrol he encounters Electro and the Matador. Their battle is brief and the criminals get away. Little does Daredevil know that Electro is gathering the Emissaries of Evil, which consist of Matador, Gladiator, Stilt-Man and Leap Frog in order to get revenge on
Iron Man - Legacy #1-11 Complete
The Armored Avenger’s second on-going series kicks off with a bang as the WAR OF THE IRON MEN begins here! Tony Stark’s worst fears are realized when stolen Iron Man technology is used for ethnic cleansing in a civil war-ravaged land. When he defies U.S. government orders to confront the armored assassins himself, Stark sets off an
Daredevil #18
In the last chapter of his autobiography Matt Murdock is written by someone who can surprise you. Not everyone survives this phase in life Daredevil. Find out who lives, who dies ... and who forever changed.
Spider-Man Chapter One
Famous writer / artist John Byrne takes the reins of the web slinger and reinvents the Spider-Man mythology for the 21st century! Witness the early adventures of your favorite Web-Spinner, he is faced with - for the first time - with the likes of Doctor Octopus, Vulture, Sandman, Green Goblin, Lizard, Mysterio and Electro! Guest starring in Spider
Daredevil #15.1
32 pages | 48.9 мb.

Tags: Daredevil Foggy Nelson Kirsten McDuffie
The life and times of Daredevil. 50 years in the making!
Daredevil Batman
Alternative universe where Daredevil and Batman coexist. Although they do not like each other, they have to work together to stop the combined power of Two-faced and Mr. Hyde.
Daredevil #14
Writing your own story of life involuntarily forced Matt Murdock to face his dark demons - and it changes with it. Kirsten and Misty do not like people getting Daredevil - and neither do the San Francisco Police!
Daredevil by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson Vol.2
Classic Marvel hero redefined one of the greatest visionaries of comics! Basis Marvel Comics in 1964, Daredevil got a new life in the historic 1979-1983 term, the writer-penciler Frank Miller and inker Klaus Janson-penciler whose bold rethinking of the nature quickly made Miller one of the largest and most influential stars in the comic book
X-Men - The Complete Onslaught Epic - Book 4
The final onslaught ON! Powerful telepaths Mutantdom forced to turn one of their own evil side because Professor X will not stand for any more repression! The greatest hero team gird for battle against one of their deadliest enemies, and when the smoke clears, not just some of them still stand, they will not be there at all! X-Men left to take the
Daredevil #13
23 pages | 25.8 мb.

Tags: Daredevil Mark Waid Foggy Nelson
END BEGINS HERE! Mark Wade and Chis Samnee start climax last chapter of his beloved, Eisner award-winning run with the return of one of the oldest and (now) the terrible enemies Matt Murdock.
Daredevil by Bendis and Maleev Ultimate Collection - Book 1
During character defining run, Brian Michael Bendis crafted fiction tale that exploited the Man Without Fear-rich palette of characters and psychodrama, and how to address them in an incredibly nuanced, modern approach. Now, this Eisner award winning Run is going through three titanic trade paperbacks! In this volume, witness the fall of the
Daredevil #12
Shocking conclusion death trick-Master ignores dare! Owl begins to set their machinations afoot! And another old enemy is waiting in the wings to catch a man without fear!
Captain Universe #02 - Daredevil
One man knows more about the Uni-Power, than anyone else in the world, but he now faces a prison sentence! Matt Murdock will have a hard time mounting defense when he must fight with one of the most disgusting secret organizations Marvel. And then there's the small matter of a stronger sense of Uni-Power gave him - including sight!
Daredevil #11
20 pages | 36.8 мb.

Tags: Daredevil Foggy Nelson Kirsten McDuffie
Recent injury Daredevils have to overcome unexpected way! The mystery that has been building with one question starting to pay off big! San - Francisco currently has two men without fear - and the only one left standing!
Daredevil #05
24 pages | 39.7 мb.

Tags: Daredevil Foggy Nelson Hank Pym
What killed Foggy Nelson? And now that he is "dead", what he should do with your life?
Daredevil #04
22 pages | 32.1 мb.

Tags: Daredevil Foggy Nelson Owl Shroud
Owl is back! But it does not work alone! Watch as the Daredevil team permanently redefines one of the oldest enemies Dd deadlier than ever! Plus - what happened to Foggy Nelson?
Ultimate Elektra #01-05 Complete
5 issues pages | 68.8 мb.

Tags: Ultimate Elektra Daredevil Elektra Foggy Nelson Kingpin
Ultimate Elektra gets her own limited series.
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