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Thanos - A God Up There Listening

Thanos - A God Up There Listening

Later infinity, Thain has to come to terms with being the son of Thanos. But when he suggested a way to observe firsthand the black work of his father, he can keep his humanity? Definition Thain not to follow in his father's footsteps affected shall be put to the ultimate test as he fled from the assassins of the galaxy - but what is the truth behind the Vision Quest Thane, and who was leading it? Elsewhere, Thanos makes war Ego the Living Planet, but retribution ego worse than expected Thanos. What, if anything, one can try the Mad Titan? Plus: Jim Starlin returns to the character he made famous as Thanos takes Mephisto, The Avengers, his own future self, and more! Collection THANOS God UP there listening INFINITE Comics # 1-6 and # 1 ANNUAL THANOS.

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