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Iron Man Vol.5 - Rings of the Mandarin
All new epic begins! Malekith the accursed, Mr. Dark Elves, has problems with Iron Man. Again, Malekith Damned has problems with pretty much everything in the world. And when Malekith the accursed strokes, blood will flow and darkness falls ... if Iron Man can not prevail! This cutting-edge science and death the most difficult Asgard science
Iron Man #26
SHOCK REPORT ON "Rings mandarins" That returns from the realm of the dark elf? Tony and Arno have been getting so good. I hope that there is no reason for them to fall out. IRON MAN wins but Malekith get a consolation prize?
Revolutionary War - Omega #01
The last question in Part 8 EPIC Triumphant return of Marvel UK reaches its epic conclusion! Will Agents MI: 13 can stop anything that was going Mys-Tech?
Revolutionary War - Dark Angel #01
Part 2 of "Revolutionary War" When Shevaun Haldane experiencing disturbing visions Darkmoor castle, she realizes the danger can come to the UK Marvel heroes. With time running out, Shevaun has no choice but to satisfy as Dark Angel again. Adventure that will take fans through the past, present and future Marvel UK!
Revolutionary War - Alpha #01
Part 1 of "Revolutionary War" The greatest heroes of Marvel UK came together for the first time in 20 years to face a threat that could destroy the entire world. Thanks to the England captain, Pete Wisdom, Death's Head II, Motormouth and Killpower, warheads and a host of British heroes.
Hells Angel #01-05 Complete
5 issues pages | 54.2 мb.

Tags: Hells Angel Cyclops Dark Angel Psylocke Wolverine
Continues as Dark Angel #6 following a lawsuit from the motorcycle club.
Dark Angel #06-16 Complete
Series formerly titled "Hell's Angel" renamed Dark Angel starting at issue #6 following a lawsuit from a motorcycle club
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