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J2 #01-12 Complete
12 issues pages | 122.8 мb.

Tags: Angry Eagle J2 Jubilee Juggernaut Miller Hallendale Montana Gold
J2 is the story of Zane Yama, the son of original Juggernaut. This series was one of three titles that began in MC2 Concept in 1998. Format most of the issues have been one main story with two smaller backup systems stories. Since the release of number 5 is one of the backup history is often used to tell the tale of Wild Thing. Another distinctive
A-Next #01-12 Complete
This eighteenth birthday Kevin Masterson . Jarvis urges the son of former Avenger Eric Masterson, to give the young man 's father enchanted mace , Thunderstrike. As Kevin leaves some big bandits trying to steal the mace , revealing himself literal monsters . Jarvis activates defenses complex , buying enough time for the reserve Avengers to show .
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