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X-Men - Age of Apocalypse - The Complete Epic Vol.4
Learn who lives and who dies in any case, as the apocalyptic arc ends in treachery and tragedy! Although some heroic people prove their mettle without armor or magic hammers, it's a race who will destroy the first X-Men: Apocalypse or themselves! But even with the crisis concluded, new allies and enemies emerge, guaranteeing that reality will
New Exiles #01-16 + Annual HD
The next chapter in the adventures of the exiles. This series is a continuation of the exiles vol.1 series which lasted 100 issues. This is the second lasted 20 issues, after he returned to the former name of the new number one in the Exiles (2009).
X-Men Adventures Vol.1 #01-15 Complete
Henry Hayrich creates an army of Sentinels against mutants. As a test , he sends one to accept anniversary. The Sentinel eventually finds Anniversary at the local mall. Fortunately , members of the X-Men go shopping at the mall and join the jubilee destroy patrol and return to Xaiver institute for higher education , where they Jubilee nurse back
X-Men - Sword of the Braddocks #1
Before she can come home to X-Men, Betsy Braddock has one final mission-bills once and for all with the man who was hunting her through multyvselennoy. If she hopes to survive, Psylocke have to use every weapon at her disposal ---- and possibly cross the line ?„– X-Man ever has before ...
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