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X-Men Adventures Vol.3 #01-13 Complete

X-Men Adventures Vol.3 #01-13 Complete

The story begins with shkatoryny Morlock scurrying with an unusual weapon and robbers and Lady fatal blow in hot pursuit. Leech something down in the tunnel and comes to Callisto , handing her a gun. Callisto says with a weapon , it will be able to discover an alien spacecraft inside the tunnel and have absolute power for himself and Morlock . But their conversation was interrupted . Robbers arrive and after a short fight, suppress Morlock .

Deadly force Leech ring X-Men. Leech replied talks to Wolverine, telling him that he needed Yuricho. He hangs up and tries to run, but the robbers bound him.

Wolverine puzzled by the sudden appearance of his long lost love , Yuricho. He dreams of his past days with her. It then performs the instructions in the Morlock tunnels , unaware that he is pursuing Gambit and Jubilee .

Wolverine meets face to face with burglars and begins to accept them. But Deadliest appears behind him. Wolverine can not attack it, recognizing it as Yuricho. Deadly accuses him of destroying her father, the man responsible for Wolverine's claws Adamant . Burglars take it.

Gambit and Jubilee followed the robbers as they go deeper into the tunnels. In the end, come to Reavers alien spaceship . They are free Wolverine if he should help them break through the defense spacecraft. Wolverine tries to fight back and throws deadly off balance. It is a failure of the ship and immediately hit the force field . These psi- wave sweeps over the city and even through X - Mansion. Charles Xavier feels the danger mounts and the X-Men.

Gambit and Jubilee to help Wolverine. They fight against Rivera . Suddenly , an alien coming out of the ship. He sends tentacles and absorbs the souls of some Reavers and Jubilee . Gambit and Wolverine is shocked and helpless to escape from the body Jubilee Deadly following them.

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