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Giant-Size Fantastic Four #2-6 Complete
Continues from Giant-Size Super-Stars #1. With the second issue, the series was re-titled GIANT-SIZE FANTASTIC FOUR. The series (under both titles) lasted six issues. Issue 4 features the first appearance of popular X-Factor character Madrox the Multiple Man.
Thanos - The Infinity Relativity
Annihilus, Mr. negative zone, making the attack again on the positive of the universe in search of the source of infinite power. To stop it, the fragile alliance of cosmic patrons form.Strazhi Galaxy. Gladiator, Majestor of the Shi'ar. And Adam Warlock - whose complex cycle of death and rebirth left him more than ever confused about his true
Thanos vs. Hulk #04
23 pages | 49.9 мb.

Tags: Thanos vs. Hulk Annihilus Hulk
New and improved Annihilus is too powerful to handle the Hulk! Who will be the unexpected savior Green Goliath?
Avengers #42
24 pages | 37.3 мb.

Tags: Avengers Annihilus Gladiator Ronan
Thanos vs. Hulk #03
22 pages | 43.7 мb.

Tags: Thanos vs. Hulk Annihilus Blastaar Hulk
Annihilus receives a vast new power! Hulk rampage through the Negative Zone! And the sinister and powerful Blastaar chase!
Thanos vs. Hulk #02
Jim Starlin continues his epic tale of Smash against space! Hulk can resist the insidious machinations Thanos?! Meanwhile, Annihilus sites operate large, green and medium in unexpected ways.
Ultimate Fantastic Four X-Men Annual #01-02 Complete
Group X-Men from the future come back in time to try to kill the Fantastic Four-attempting to prevent the events of Ultimatum from ever happening. Who are these warriors from the future, and what role they will play in the shocking scenario to follow?
Fantastic Four #05
"The Fall of The Fantastic Four" Part 5 - super-sized issue! Baxter Building quarantine and close! Fantastic Four held responsible for the destruction in Manhattan! A major turning point for the team and acute blow to the family! Trial of the century with an all-star roster of guest artists!
Infinity (HC)
The most anticipated blockbuster cosmic event of the year comes as the Marvel Universe marches into infinity ! Thanos makes his world shattering comeback, and his army to shoot footage introductory galactic war , which will be carried out both on Earth and in deep space - with our heroes caught between two battles ! How mad Titan secrets revealed
She-Hulk - Cosmic Collision
This double-sized sci-fi spectacular, guest-starring the Lady Liberators (fresh from the pages of The Hulk) and the female heroes from the Guardians of the Galaxy! When She-Hulk finds herself suddenly transmit to the world, it's up to her and a collection of the universe's most powerful heroines including Storm, Tundra, Valkyre and the Invisible
What If - Dr. Doom had become the Thing #01
How could a strong member of the Fantastic Four also be their deadliest enemy? At first glance minor decision made long before the FF even existed, might have changed everything for the World Greatest Super -Team, Victor Von Doom ... and even the Incredible Hulk ! And that's just the beginning ... This Space Victor Von Doom up in a spaceship
FF #16
Invasion of Latveria: Games! Four stand replacement characters and a dozen children against Dr. Doom, now transformed into ultimate power in the universe: Doom annihilating the Conqueror! What is the run of the blocks! Game over, man! Game Over!

FF #16 (2014)

Publisher: Marvel
Fantastic Four #16
FINAL ISSUE! Fantastic Four are ... Doomed! Dr. Doom has taken over power and Kang Annihilus and supreme ruler of the whole world. Good news: it's Doomed Universe. Bad news: our universe is next. The only people in his way are the Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four ...! Eight Elements Challenge Conqueror annihilating fate with the fate of infinite
FF #15
Invasion of Latveria: Games! Four stand replacement characters and a dozen children against Dr. Doom, now transformed into ultimate power in the universe: Doom annihilating the Conqueror! What is the run of the blocks! Game over, man! Game Over!

FF #15 (2014)

Publisher: Marvel
Fantastic Four #15
Doomed! Part 3: Elements of War Fantastic Four fight to stop the plague destroying their molecular powers and authorities. Standing between them and treatment: Deadly Force, Army their greatest enemies, led by one of the F4 who betrayed their own! Their only allies: other Fantastic Four! Meanwhile, Doctor Doom, Kang, and Annihilus come to meeting
Infinity #06
All roads lead to this! Conclusion oversized Marvel annual events! Heroes of Earth in comparison with the forces of Thanos!
FF #14
It's the eve of the war of the future of the Fund and FF Latveriyu preparing for a fight ! But Doom Immortal Conqueror - and Council condemns ! What is going on in my head Old John Storms ? I mean that with this guy , anyway? In a universe doomed ! Imagine a place where only five things that survivors are Fantastic Four ... and Doctor Doom ! How

FF #14 (2014)

Publisher: Marvel
Avengers #23
INFINITY tie - "The Avengers UNIVERSE: VI" Avengers against the Black Order. Battle for Earth is moving PlanetSide. Thanos takes center stage. The battle for Earth moves planetside. Thanos takes center stage.
Secret Invasion Saga
Secret Invasion has been going on for years. How long and to what extent, Tony Stark is not sure, but there is one thing he knows is not the time for complacency. Following hot on the heels stunning revelation that Skrulls were disguised as Elektra and Black Bolt , Stark puts his best data mining technology to the test to piece together their
Iceman and Angel
Nothing ruins spring break faster for Iceman and Angel than a giant monster stomping through the streets of the city. But what are two young mutants to do when all the "real" superheroes are too busy to help? Why Goom, thing from Planet X running amok in the first place? This superhero mutant monster Spring Break Bash! Woo!
Avengers #22
INFINITY tie - "The Avengers UNIVERSE: IV" The final battle for the universe of Marvel starts. The fall of the Galactic Empire. The rise of the new.
FF #13
Destiny annihilating the Conqueror going up! Is this the beginning of the end? Who looks Wee Watcher? What is the terrible secret UNDERSPACE? And two students in the transfer of the best worst moment imaginable. Finally! More children!

FF #13 (2013)

Publisher: Marvel
Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. #01
The event with the stars of the latest to be Disney XD: Avengers and Hulk and the Agents SMASH! Through art taken directly from the animated series, it's a sneak peek at two new animated series from Marvel animation geniuses promises to make this the largest free Comic Book Day ever! * Do we really give this out? YES!
Fantastic Four #13
Fantastic Four eventually, when we started - literally! Trapped in a universe controlled by DR. DOOM! John has a long storm was right from the start? And Reed and Sue to make a fateful decision that will change the life of the whole family Richards!
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