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Captain America - Death Of The Red Skull
One of the Sentinel of Liberty's greatest conflicts with his hated arch-nemesis is finally collected! Join Cap & Co. - including Nomad, the Black Crow, the Avengers and more - as Marvel's First Avenger must contend with the diabolical daughter of the Red Skull, survive the Secret Wars and overcome an untimely encounter with old age - all before
Fury - S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary #01
The mission of 50 years in the making! When the villain from the past shows to date, Nick Fury is forced to team up with Nick Fury Sr.! Will Nick Fury now be able to work with his father?
What If - Dr. Doom had become the Thing #01
How could a strong member of the Fantastic Four also be their deadliest enemy? At first glance minor decision made long before the FF even existed, might have changed everything for the World Greatest Super -Team, Victor Von Doom ... and even the Incredible Hulk ! And that's just the beginning ... This Space Victor Von Doom up in a spaceship
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