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X-Men - The Adamantium Collection
The super-sized, slipcased 'Adamantium Collection' format is back, and it's the X-Men's turn in the spotlight! It's the best and brightest moments from the mighty mutants' long and storied history like you've never seen them before - and packed with extras! Thrill to the X-Men's debut, seminal battles against Magneto and the Sentinels, the classic
Daydreamers #01-03 Complete
Having escaped from the Black Tom [see Generation X # 25], Franklin Richards, Leech, Artie Maddicks Tana Nile, Howard the Duck and Man-Thing is now floating on a piece of land through all the realities of the Nexus. Tired of complaining Howard, Tana Nile throws it with their "island" and the duck falls through one of the doorways, living Nexus.
X-Men '92 #03
When the X-Men are in trouble, who can depend on Westchester? How about X-Force 92? Cable, Deadpool, Domino, Psylocke, Archangel and Bishop enter into battle!
Fantastic Four #09
Now a new terrible FOUR? RIM may prove the innocence of Ben? And the adventure with the kids in the future of the Fund and the original Human Torch!
FF #14
It's the eve of the war of the future of the Fund and FF Latveriyu preparing for a fight ! But Doom Immortal Conqueror - and Council condemns ! What is going on in my head Old John Storms ? I mean that with this guy , anyway? In a universe doomed ! Imagine a place where only five things that survivors are Fantastic Four ... and Doctor Doom ! How

FF #14 (2014)

Publisher: Marvel
X-Terminators #01-04 Complete
From the pages of X-Factor, X-Terminators debut and join the new mutants at the end of the series.
FF #13
Destiny annihilating the Conqueror going up! Is this the beginning of the end? Who looks Wee Watcher? What is the terrible secret UNDERSPACE? And two students in the transfer of the best worst moment imaginable. Finally! More children!

FF #13 (2013)

Publisher: Marvel
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