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Onslaught Reborn #01-05 Complete
Onslaught is back on earth 616, he's looking for Franklin Richards as to gain total control over the universe. After purchasing the child at the FF headquarters he finds himself in the Heroes Reborn universe where he'll face the Avengers and the other heroes reborn.
Dark Reign Files
This last mighty Marvel directory files directly from Norman Osborn! The main power brokers in the Dark Reign collects a case study of professional criminals to superhuman Grid -scrutinizing threat, loyalty, influence, power and disposable. According to the Green Goblin himself: "Our goal is to know that our enemies - enemies of our enemies - as
Thanos vs. Hulk #03
22 pages | 43.7 мb.

Tags: Thanos vs. Hulk Annihilus Blastaar Hulk
Annihilus receives a vast new power! Hulk rampage through the Negative Zone! And the sinister and powerful Blastaar chase!
Thanos vs. Hulk #02
Jim Starlin continues his epic tale of Smash against space! Hulk can resist the insidious machinations Thanos?! Meanwhile, Annihilus sites operate large, green and medium in unexpected ways.
Fantastic Four #05
"The Fall of The Fantastic Four" Part 5 - super-sized issue! Baxter Building quarantine and close! Fantastic Four held responsible for the destruction in Manhattan! A major turning point for the team and acute blow to the family! Trial of the century with an all-star roster of guest artists!
Uncanny X-Men Annual Vol.2 #01-03
The second volume of Uncanny X-Men Annual, began in 2006. The first volume of Uncanny X-Men Annual began as a large double Discounts in the late 1960s and lasted until 2001. This series just published 3 issues over the last few years.
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