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Captain America FCBD
Steve Rogers is returning to comics this May, and you can get your first taste on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. This issue will get you caught up just in time for the release of Captain America: Steve Rogers #1, coming to comics later in May! Three Captain Americas fought shoulder-to-shoulder in AVENGERS: STANDOFF. Now, one rises to take his place at the
Mythos - Hulk #01
As a part of the Marvel Mythos collection, Mythos Hulk does not disappoint. Paul Jenkins and Paolo Rivera do a masterful job in retelling the tragic transformation of Bruce Banner into the Incredible Hulk. Bruce Banner is less mild-mannered and more edgy in this account of his early days of gamma radiation research. Betty Ross is also more modern
Incredible Hulk - The End
Chronicling the final days of the Green Goliath! Peter David and Dale Keown, creative team on some of the Hulk's most memorable tales, reunite to produce this searing vision of the future in which Bruce Banner, the Incredible Hulk, is the last man on Earth. It's the Hulk's final battle, as 'The Last Titan' wrestles his inner-demons in order to
The Infinity Gauntlet
For Thanos, the Infinity Gauntlet was the ultimate prize to be coveted above all else. With it came omnipotence. Now it's up to Earth's super heroes to make a desperate attempt to thwart this mad god's insane plunge into galactic self-destruction. Thanos is contemplating what is to be done now that he has the power of god. He finds that the answer
Incredible Hulk Masterwork Vol.2
Hulk-inued in the end! After fifteen years, it is time for the Green Goliath Marvel, the grace of his second collection of Marvel Masterpieces! Starting with the Hulk / Giant-Man thrown, and pulls no punches directly into the toe to toe with the mighty Hercules, mean, green alter ego, Dr. Robert Bruce Banner battle General Thunderbolt Ross, head
What If - General Ross had become the Hulk #01
Dating back for the first time, General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross ... a veteran officer, who believes that the time for talking has long passed, and all that matters is the ability of his country to develop weapons that destroy their enemies. Experience with him what happens when he becomes the most powerful weapon on two legs ... but is trapped
Indestructible Hulk #15
"Hulk AGENT T.I.M.E." CONCLUSION! Final stand against CHRONARCHISTS! Hulk returns to modern - but WHICH Hulk? And whatever happened to Bruce Banner?
Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. #01
The event with the stars of the latest to be Disney XD: Avengers and Hulk and the Agents SMASH! Through art taken directly from the animated series, it's a sneak peek at two new animated series from Marvel animation geniuses promises to make this the largest free Comic Book Day ever! * Do we really give this out? YES!
Hunger #04
Beginning of the End? Rick Jones failed to stop the Earth from destruction? The agony of the universe! The hero will be reborn? Road to CATACLYSM starts here!
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