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Cyclops #08
22 pages | 43.4 мb.

Tags: Cyclops Ch'od Cr'reee Hepzibah Korvus Raza
Cutthroat space-pirate crew Scott Summers joined in frantic through space, looting and cutting throats. Now Scott is expected to cut his throat with them! Exactly how far Scott will go to save his skin - and to rescue his captive father? At least on the novel before there's some good news: Scott found a girl in the universe other than Jean Grey.
Cyclops #06
22 pages | 52.3 мb.

Tags: Cyclops Ch'od Corsair Cr'reee Cyclops Hepzibah
Prepare yourself, as a new series of artist Javier Garron debut Marvel! RESCUED! But by whom? And it really is salvation ... or is it put Scott at greater risk than before? And that generosity they hunt? Lots of shooting and things blow up!
Guardians of the Galaxy #12
"TRIAL Jean Grey" PART 4! Surprise ally from the past one character comes to the rescue, but is it enough against the most powerful army in the universe?
All-New X-Men #23
22 pages | 39.8 мb.

Tags: All-New X-Men Angela Archangel Beast Ch'od Corsair
"THE TRIAL OF JEAN GREY" PART 3! Jean is on trial, and it is up to all-new X-Men and the Guardians of the Galaxy to get it for free.
War of Kings - Who Will Rule
When the smoke settles from the war of the kings of number 6, which will claim the throne ? Following the final clash between Black Bolt and Vulcan , the fate of the empire and the Cree Shi'ar Imperium should be solved ! And if the war is really over , what are the threats swarming in the shadows? Inhumans ... Starjammers ... Darkhawk ... Nova ...
X-Men - Emperor Vulcan #01-05 Complete
It's brother versus brother and the outcome could decide the fate of billions. X-Men'S "Rise and Fall of Shi'ar Empire" continues here! Volcano Shi'ar Emperor and Havok is rebellious Starjammers. But who is really right and who is really wrong?
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