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My favorite » » X-Men - The Times and Life of Lucas Bishop #01-03 Complete
X-Men - The Times and Life of Lucas Bishop #01-03 Complete

X-Men - The Times and Life of Lucas Bishop #01-03 Complete

Now you know that Lucas Bishop - former cop , Renegade X-Man- refuses to rest until he has killed the so-called " Mutant Messiah. But do you know why ? To answer this question you need to look into the past of a bishop who actually means jumping 50 years into the future , when his parents barely escaped a nuclear holocaust , only to land in the camp of the most brutal " mutant relocation " in the world . There, a young Bishop first heard the horror stories about the green-eyed monster that ushered in the fall of mutants , and vowed to take revenge - to start a lifetime , time -hopping mission that begins here , in this special three-part mini-series . You have not heard the story of " Messiah Complex ," until you 've heard the bishop of stories .

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