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House of M #03
To return all that he had lost, Magneto, the legitimate patriarch of the House of Magnus should enter into an alliance with those he vowed to avoid, Luke Cage and the rest of the human resistance!
Secret Wars - Battleworld #04
Silver Surfer About EGYPTIA must collect money for a giant sphinx in the desert, otherwise it will be doomed to wander forever! MAESTRO has something of the Silver Surfer wants and he does not give it up without a fight of the century!
Conspiracy #01-02 Complete
A two issue mini-series by Dann Abnett and Igor Kordey.
Fantastic Four #01
"The Fall of The Fantastic Four " PART 1 The greatest comic magazine in the world starts anew with the first family of Marvel , the Fantastic Four ! But how brilliant MR. Fantastic , Invisible Woman compassionate ever Lovin ' THING & hot Human Torch will travel in a strange mission , they met with new beginnings, but untimely end ! As the family
Iron Man - Iron Protocols
Deep within a secret government base beneath the arctic tundra lies the "Ark": repository that contains the genetic code for all life on Earth. But the problem of rogue Artificial Intelligence has decided that the best way to protect the samples are eradicating every living creature! Only Iron Man has the knowledge to stop the car, but he only got
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