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Star Brand #01-19 + Annual Complete
After a fateful meeting with supposedly dying alien, shiftless mechanic Ken Connell left the most powerful weapon in the universe - but it would be a decision to enjoy its great new features properly, or the safety of his death, his whole world? "There is not a weapon in the universe more powerful than any other, more desirable, fear, love or
X-Men - Emperor Vulcan #01-05 Complete
It's brother versus brother and the outcome could decide the fate of billions. X-Men'S "Rise and Fall of Shi'ar Empire" continues here! Volcano Shi'ar Emperor and Havok is rebellious Starjammers. But who is really right and who is really wrong?
X-Men - Divided We Stand #01-02 Complete
Recovered from the events of Messiah Complex, we see that the future may bring to some X-Men.
Spider-Man - Mutant Agenda #00-03 Complete
Beast, Archangel , Rogue, Gambit and Bishop hone their skills in the Danger Room, where every character is an opportunity to express their unique mutant superpowers. After the exercise was over and the dust settles Hank McCoy (aka , Beast ) and Warren Worthington III ( aka Archangel ) meet to talk about the good old days when they were part of the
Micronauts Annual #01-02 Complete
The present annual presents three stories told in the Time Traveler . They are some adventures members Micronauts shortly before their meeting in the first issue of Micronauts. First Commander Arcturus Rann shows his biotron Android. The day before the end of 1000 research mission biotron discovers a strange swirl (force Nexus), where the rules
Justice #01-32 Complete
Mysterious human bodies emerging from the shadows to act as judge, jury and executioner for those who would like to visit harm innocent. His name is Justice!
Blaze Of Glory #01-04 Complete
4 issues Marvel Western series depicting many of the classic Marvel western characters met their demise. The series followed a few years later with 'Apache Skies', 4-issue miniseries from the same creative team under the banner of mature Marvel "Marvel Max readers and starring rawhide kid.
Apache Skies #01-04 Complete
4 issues pages | 36.3 мb.

Tags: Apache Skies, Collection, Max, Apache Kid, Rawhide Kid, 2002
Question 4 series screeching in the 2000s "blaze of glory" from the same creative team. This volume of Marvel's mature readers line "Max" star rawhide child mostly solo exhibition of stunning fully painted art by Leonardo Manco.
X-Men - First Class Vol.2 #01-16 + Giant-Size Complete
Most of the questions X-Men: First Class, Volume 2 were written by Jeff Parker and illustrated by Roger Cruz. According to Marvel, a series of "officially" considered part of the Earth-616 continuity, but many fans consider him a parallel history of the universe, as there are numerous continuity errors.
X-Men - First Class Vol.1 01-08 + Special Complete
overview Over millions of years, the place of mankind on Earth was unchallenged ... up to five young people are not paved the way for a new kind of man. While students at the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Angel, Beast and Iceman taught the world what it means to be X-Men. These hidden history of the team that laid the
Uncanny X-men First Class #01-08 + Giant-Size Complete
The first days of the second generation of X-Men are revealed in a brand new series starring Cyclops, Storm, Banshee, Colossus, Night, Wolverine and Phoenix!
Squadron Supreme Vol.1 #01-12 Complete
Legendary Squadron Supreme mini-series from the mid-1980s. Mark Gruenwald tells stories about the world, where the characters live, and took him to her, to protect the world ... by any means necessary.
D.P.7 #01-32 + Annual Complete
33 issues pages | 177.9 мb.

Tags: D.P.7, Annual, Collection, Antibody, Blur, Friction, Glitter, Jane Semple, Mastodon, 1986-1989
DP7 takes place in New Marvel Universe and the next experience with a group of previously healthy persons who acquire powers after the White sobytie.Pervonachalno group consists of seven of the paranormal group therapy in the clinic paranormal research , but members come and go throughout the series . The series largely avoids most superhero
The Outlaw Kid Vol.2 #01-30 Complete
Outlaw kids own ongoing series. From issue 17 onwards, where comics reprints of the stories that came before.
The Outlaw Kid Vol.1 #01-19 Complete
The Outlaw Kid ran during 1954 through 1957 for 19 issues.

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