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DC comics week (15.02.2017, week 7) (2017)

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Year of release: 2017

Pictures: 19 issues

Collection DC Comics for 15.02.2017 (7 weeks). The collection includes such comics: 1. DC_Super_Hero_Girls_010 2. He-Man_-_Thundercats_05 3. The_Wild_Storm_001 4. Raven_06 5. Mother_Panic_003 6. Harley_Quinn_014 7. Green_Arrow_017 8. Cave_Carson_Has_a_Cybernetic_Eye_005 9. Aquaman 017 10. Super Sons 001 11. The_Odyssey_of_the_Amazons_02 12.

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Superman - Batman - Saga of the Super Sons #1 - TPB (2007)

Download Superman - Batman - Saga of the Super Sons #1 - TPB

Year of release: 2007

Pictures: 249

CAPES AND GLOVES AND ROCK ’N’ ROLL Have you ever considered what it would be like if Superman and Batman each had a son? Would they be super-powered successors—or dynamic disappointments? Wonder no more, because the Super Sons are here! A hoax? A dream? An imaginary tale? No! Now, revealed in all of its action and drama, the classic chronicle

Tags: Superman - Batman, Batman, Superman, Super Sons, DC, TPB

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Superwoman #1 (2016)

Download Superwoman #1

Year of release: 2016

Pictures: 28

“WHO IS SUPERWOMAN?” part 2! The battle of Metropolis Harbor rages on and the casualties are mounting! To save both herself and the city from the ultra-powered Bizarress duo, Superwoman must turn to John Henry Irons—a.k.a. Steel—for help! But there is a larger villainous force at work behind the scenes, and you won’t believe who it is! Buckle up

Tags: Superwoman, DC, Super women

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The Rift #2 (2017)

Download The Rift #2

Year of release: 2017

Pictures: 27

Presented by Academy Award nominee Jeremy Renner, The Rift tells the story of a single mother and her son whose lives change forever after witnessing a WWII fighter pilot from 1941 crash land in present-day Kansas. They find themselves drawn into the work of Section 47, a secret government organization responsible for responding to Rifts that open

Tags: The Rift, Red 5 Comics

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He-Man - Thundercats #5 (2017)

Download He-Man - Thundercats #5

Year of release: 2017

Pictures: 23

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe team up with the ThunderCats—the epic crossover event you’ve waited thirty years to see! In his ever-living desire to destroy the mighty ThunderCats, Mumm-Ra quests for a weapon that can rival the legendary Sword of Omens: He-Man’s Sword of Power! But his dimension-spanning scheme kick starts a cataclysmic

Tags: He-Man - Thundercats, He-Man, Thundercats, DC

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The Wild Storm #1 (2017)

Download The Wild Storm #1

Year of release: 2017

Pictures: 21

A troubled woman, barred by her employer from continuing her research, walks miserably through New York City. It takes her a moment to notice that everybody else is looking up. A man has been thrown from the upper floor of the Halo skyscraper. And that woman—Angela Spica, sick from the transhuman implants she’s buried in her own body—is the only

Tags: The Wild Storm, DC

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Raven #6 (2017)

Download Raven #6

Year of release: 2017

Pictures: 23

“THE WHITE CARNIVAL” part five! San Francisco is on the brink of total disaster, with more citizens being sucked into the giant orb by the minute. Raven can’t possibly overcome such insurmountable odds…unless she gets a little help from her family!

Tags: Raven, DC

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