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Danger Girl - Revolver #1-4 Complete
4 issues pages | 152.6 мb.

Tags: Danger Girl - Revolver Danger Girl Revolver IDW
For the first time ever, creators J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell introduce a new Danger Girl to the team! Who is she? What are her skills? Where is she from? What are her measurements? You'll find those answers and more as she joins the world's sexiest spy agency in their most explosive adventure yet! Note: Sonya only appears on the cover.
Danger Girl And The Army Of Darkness #1-6 Complete
6 issues pages | 385.7 мb.

Tags: Danger Girl Danger The Army Of Darkness Darkness Dynamite
Abbey Chase, the world’s most daring adventuress, returns to action as she aims to recover a dark and mysterious piece of ancient history. When Abbey learns that the elusive Book of the Dead has resurfaced and fallen into nefarious hands, she and the Danger Girls embark on a mission to track down the powerful tome. But when their journey leads
Danger Girl - G.I. Joe #1-5 Complete
5 issues pages | 157.4 мb.

Tags: Danger Girl - G.I. Joe Danger Girl G.I. Joe IDW
The two most incredible covert action teams the world has ever known-so covert, in fact, that neither knows the other exists-are meeting for the first time ever! Repeat: Danger Girl and G.I. JOE, together. Spies! Girls! Ninjas! COBRA! If your head did not just explode, then you are one of the lucky few remaining that will live to enjoy a summer
Danger Girl - Trinity #1-4 Complete
4 issues pages | 127.5 мb.

Tags: Danger Girl Trinity Danger Girl Trinity IDW
It's three times the ACTION, three times the THRILLS, and three times the DANGER!!! Abbey, Sidney and Sonya embark on three different knuckle-clenching adventures, each an epic tale of intrigue and derring-do, and each drawn by a different fantastic artist-It's a triple-play of danger that will climax with the biggest surprise of the year!
Danger Girl - Renegade #1 - TPB
138 pages | 158.3 мb.

Tags: Danger Girl - Renegade Danger Girl Renegade TPB IDW
Abbey Chase is renowned across the globe as a brilliant young archaeologist and (a bit less renowned) as a member of the super-secret spy organization known as Danger. But what set of circumstances lead Abbey to become who she is—who trained and shaped her into this remarkable person? Now, for the first time ever, Danger Girl readers will find
Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness Vol.1
The wise cracking team kicking butt hero Ash Williams to globe trot with superspies known as the risk girls! When Abbey Chase, the most daring adventurer in the world, discovers that the mysterious Book of the Dead fell into nefarious hands, it brings the danger of girls on a mission to hunt down an ancient tome. They soon discover that evil
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