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Cancelled Comic Cavalcade #01-02
With the devastating DC Implosion, a majority of the 31 titles terminated in 1978 were cancelled in the middle of story lines. Therefore staff members "published" in extremely limited quantities, two volumes of "Cancelled Comic Cavalcade." A bleak homage to DC's 1940s anthology Comic Cavalcade, each volume consisted of photocopied stories and
Claw The Unconquered #1-6 Complete
6 issues pages | 181.9 мb.

Tags: Claw The Unconquered Unconquered Claw Wildstorm
A unique hero gets a new beginning in this miniseries spinning out of the hit RED SONJA/CLAW THE UNCONQUERED: THE DEVIL'S HANDS, with an unbelievable debut issue that sports an alternate cover by GREEN LANTERN artist Ethan Van Sciver! Claw finds himself working as a mercenary when he learns of a dark prophecy that centers around him...and he sets
Elektra Assassin #1-8 Complete
8 issues pages | 90.9 мb.

Tags: Elektra Assassin Ambassador Reich Claw Elektra Hugo Natchios
An untold chapter in the life of Elektra unfolds, as Marvel's most mysterious assassin begins her journey in an asylum for the mentally insane. Reality and dreams blur together, as Elektra's once-impenetrable mind buckles under the darkness of her past. Marvelous maddening puzzling piece of story that drives the mind of the reader in and out the
Time Masters - Vanishing Point #01-06 Complete
Time Masters: Vanishing Point, 6-issue mini-series is a companion piece Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne featuring Rip Hunter, Superman, Hal Jordan, and Booster Gold finding Bruce Wayne in the past.
Claw the Unconquered (volume 1) 1-12 series
Series about Olympic athletes who had been given power by the gods themselves claw that he could not defend himself even without weapons in a world full of injustice and sin because he must bear the voice of the gods among men.
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