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DC comics week (22.11.2017, week 47)
21 issues pages | 570.7 мb.

Tags: DC comics week, DC comics, DC, 0-Day Releases, Releases
Collection DC Comics for 22.11.2017 (47 week). The collection includes such comics: 1. Scooby-Doo Team-Up 064 2. Scooby-Doo Team-Up 063 3. The Kamandi Challenge 011 4. The Ruff _ Reddy Show 02 5. The Hellblazer 016 6. The Demon - Hell is Earth 01 7. Nightwing - The New Order 04 8. Harley Quinn 032 9. Doom Patrol 009 10. Blue Beetle 015 11. Batman
Collection Marvel (22.11.2017, week 47)
18 issues pages | 1009.6 мb.

Tags: Collection Marvel, Marvel, Marvel comics, 0-Day Releases, Releases
Collection Marvel Comics for 22.11.2017 (47 week). The collection includes such comics: 1. Star Wars 039 2. All-New Wolverine 027 3. X-Men Gold 016 4. Thanos 013 5. Spider-Man - Deadpool 024 6. Silver Sable and the Wild Pack 036 7. Royals 011 8. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur 025 9. Ms. Marvel - Marvel Legacy Primer Pages 10. Monsters Unleashed
Rat Queens Vol.2 #6
48 pages | 146.8 мb.

Tags: Rat Queens, Queens, Shadowline
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0-Day Releases (New Comics)

Hey there! This here is a website that's dedicated to all things comic books. Yeah, we upload them, make them accessible to the general public and all that sort of thing. However, we also have some exciting features that separate us from the rest. You know how the saying goes, once you start enjoying the best – you can forget about the rest.
This particular section is dedicated to 0-DAY RELEASES COMICS, i.e. 0-DAY DC or 0-DAY Marvel and everything else in between. Thanks to all the mainstream attention, new comics actually get released every day. Some of them are bad, some are good, but we are going to let you be the judge on that – if you don't like something, do not read it, but it's our duty… well, we want to make sure you have access to all the latest issues, no matter where they come from – Valiant Entertainment, Dark Horse, Image Comics, IDW Publishing, you name it. Our collection is big and it's getting bigger every single day. So don't worry, quantity-wise, no one comes even close to us.
Obviously, it's great to have


delivered straight to your computer screen, there are no silly gimmicks and hidden fees in here. What you see here is defiantly what you get, we're going to mention this time after time, but we do strongly believe in free stuff and we strongly believe in forming your own opinion. There's no better way to do that than to do something yourself. People may overhype some lame plots, some weak origin stories, but you know that you have to just read the thing for yourself to have your own opinion. As of right now, just the latest buzz – what's in? Well, do you think that particular issue is any good? It probably is, but it's not as life-changing as people might say. Works in the opposite direction, too – some say that this and that is garbage, but people tend to fixate on the small stuff and overlook the quality, the fun, the everything because, let's say, some guy talked at length about how much he hates sand. Bad example, but you catch our drift – it's all about your own opinion.
Back on the subject: our new comics section is amazing, you get updates and new stuff every single day, for free. As you probably know, our download speed is lightning-fast, so there's no discernable reason to visit some other website with so-so speed, poor quality and tons of malware. As you probably also know, a lot of them actually force you to buy this premium membership, which is a total rip-off.
Also, unlike many other websites, we actually care about your opinion. Tell us if you've enjoyed the comic book you read, tell us how there are tons of plot holes now, tell us what you had for breakfast and how do you think our design looks. We want your feedback, we want to be able to evolve and change. Time may change us, but we can't trace time – so we need you to tell us what to tweak and improve.
All in all, we hope you have a great time on our website. Enjoy your stay, get freaky, get greedy and get around to telling us what you think.
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