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Ursa Minor #01 (2012)

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Year of release: 2012

Pictures: 24

In 2022, werewolves endangered species. Vampires are the saviors of humanity and a girl with the power she can barely manage to return is determined by a supernatural balance that nature intended. Tom Hutchinson, the founder Penny for your soul legend Oz takes the concept of lycanthropy and vampires, as well as the dark side of humanity to new

Tags: Ursa Minor, Angela, Anna Beth Elvgren, Naomi, Onyx, Papa Gamboli

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Rex Zombie Killer #1 (2013)

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Year of release: 2013

Pictures: 50

For many, the question of the main release of the week (or even months) is not: go out Sandman Overture # 1, a new comic in the universe of Neil Gaiman's Sandman and Jay Williams HLB-third. That this can be countered? DC solved the problem by putting on this date only annual special issues of regular series. Let this DC-week will be special in

Tags: Rex Zombie Killer, Rex Zombie Killer comics, Zombie, Killer

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