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Nightmare On Elm Street (1-8 series + special) Complete
Six years after the events of the film " Freddy vs. Jason ", the adult population of the city decides to install a hard mode for teens to prevent Kruger revisit . Lindsay Hudson nightmare : Freddy chases her everywhere , a girl can not hide . Waking up in the classroom , Lindsay in tears , unable to calm down and stop talking and Krueger .
A Nightmare on Elm Street - Paranoid (1-3 series) Complete
By May 2005 a new comic story В«A Nightmare On Elm Street: SpecialВ» was written by the founder of В«Chaos ComicsВ», Brian Pulido, who worked on all further releases of the series, and published В«Avatar PressВ» with the participation of House Of Horror: New Line Cinema . Events this issue resonate with the story the next mini-series В«A Nightmare
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