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Avengers Vol.1 - Avengers World
The greatest heroes in comics together as one unbeatable team ! Avengers "go big, " expanding their sphere of influence and a list of global and even interplanetary level. When Captain America releases its call who will respond ? Answers will surprise you! Avengers first mission takes them to Mars , but the secrets of the garden lead back to Earth
What If - Jessica Jones Had Joined the Avengers #01
Ripped from the pages of the Avengers and the nickname - Jessica Jones, a former superhero private eye once tapped to join the Avengers, but decided not to be denied super-hero in general. But what if she took the job? The events that followed shake up both the Avengers and the life of Jessica ways no one could have imagined. Could Jessica have
Starblast #01-04 Complete
Mini-series, which was supposed to reignite the space series of Marvel in the mid-1990s. It is a transition between Adam Warlock, Quasar and other space as heroes.
Marvel Zombies Supreme #01-05 Complete
HUNGER SUPREME ! They were Squadron Supreme , heroes exiled from another dimension to our own ... but twisted science project object Pegasus infected these defenders with a virulent strain of zombies. Now it's up to a desperate team Special Ops Jill Harper to keep the plague contained in the object - no matter what . But Harper discovers that the
Squadron Supreme Vol.1 #01-12 Complete
Legendary Squadron Supreme mini-series from the mid-1980s. Mark Gruenwald tells stories about the world, where the characters live, and took him to her, to protect the world ... by any means necessary.
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