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Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol.16
Peter Parker's past comes back to haunt him in his latest and greatest Marvel Masterworks volume! Doc Ock has returned, and he's brought the ghost of Hammerhead with him! And those two aren't the only ones back from the grave: The Kingpin is out to resurrect his son, and he can only do it if Spider-Man dies! The danger doesn't stop there, either,
Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol.7
Get ready for the biggest, the best, the single most amazing Marvel Masterworks ever! Filled from stem to stern with heroic Spidey battles against the likes of the villainous Vulture, Mysterio and Medusa of the Inhumans, this one’s a nail-biter if there ever was, and here’s the real treat: The year was 1968 and the manic madmen who managed
Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol.6
The first brand-new Spider-Man Masterworks volume in 12 years debuts just in time for SPIDER-MAN 2! This action-packed volume collects an 'amazing' selection of Spidey tales by legends Stan Lee & John Romita Sr . Includes a four-part Doctor Octopus epic - plus appearances by the Kingpin , Ka-Zar, the Spider-Slayer , Captain Stacy and more! And an
Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol.5
It’s a truly epic run from the annals of the world’s most amazing super hero, the Amazing Spider-Man, with Stan Lee and John Romita bringing story after story of unmatched drama and adventure! It begins with the first appearance of the bulldozer on four legs, the Rhino, and if he can’t turn Spidey into an endangered species, then perhaps an
Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol.4
In this volume, Peter faces some of his greatest challenges and his most harrowing foes such as the Master Planner, Kraven the Hunter, the Molten Man, the Looter, and the end of the Green Goblin.
Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol.3
Spider-Man's earliest adventures continue with classic stories featuring the Scorpion, the Beetle and the Human Torch, the Ringmaster's Circus of Crime, the Green Goblin, the Spider-Slayer, the Crime-Master, the Molten Man and the mysterious Doctor Strange!
Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol.2
Peter Parker's chosen profession is a series of unrelenting tests - but through all his trials, Spider-Man remains steadfast in his determination to use his gifts for the benefit of all. Featuring the first appearance by the Green Goblin, and Spidey's first meetings with Daredevil and the Hulk. Plus the Sinister Six!
Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol.14
Peter Parker has never been easy. When he encounters a ne'er-do-wells glove loves fiery guy, Morbius and the Wolf Man, you know what luck Parker at full strength - and you're in store for a first-class adventure Spider-Man! Participants: from teetering on the brink of madness after the death of his father - AKA Green Goblin - Harry Osborn goes to
Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol.15
Peter Parker's life has never been easy, but it's difficult to turn for the worse when your dead girlfriend shows up on your doorstep. Oh, then there is what is known Parker luck, and it means that he does. This means that the spider, you have been cloned! Amazing Spider-Man launches into the story line, which shocked the world of comics!
Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol.12
Tension victims adventure comics' most put-upon super hero Spider-Man, continue in another round of classic Marvel Masterpieces! Stan Lee begins his one of his wildest creations of all time, Gibbon. And when that is combined with animal Baddy vengeful Kraven Hunter-well it is enough excitement to give the hero the plague-and it does! Then, between
Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol.8
It's time for another round of webslinging surprise at the two men who put the "master" in the Masterworks, Stan "Man" Lee and "Jazzy" John Romita. They will come to you in the eighth volume of the spider with the story as epic as they come: The Saga of a stone tablet! All Swingin 'distress and social consciousness begins with the search kingpin
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