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X-Men - The Complete Onslaught Epic - Book 4

X-Men - The Complete Onslaught Epic - Book 4

The final onslaught ON! Powerful telepaths Mutantdom forced to turn one of their own evil side because Professor X will not stand for any more repression! The greatest hero team gird for battle against one of their deadliest enemies, and when the smoke clears, not just some of them still stand, they will not be there at all! X-Men left to take the blame for the disappearances of more than a dozen dynamic leading man named Bastion to lay the groundwork for their next crisis! Even if Onslaught removed from this world, can revive the world say the same thing? Guest appearances galore, as well as step-by-step information about a turning point in the 1990s and over! Collection of Fantastic Four # 416, X-Men # 56, ONSLAUGHT: Universe Marvel, cable # 36, a strange X-Men # 337, X-Men # 57, ONSLAUGHT: epilogue IRON MAN # 6 and X-Men: The road to the onslaught,

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