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Daredevil Season One (GN)
Matt Murdock is transformed into the Man Without Fear in this retelling of the origin of Daredevil. Many details are revealed about the early days of this great crime fighter. In the process of the storyline, Daredevil battles a host of famous villains. Included in the graphic novel is Daredevil #1 by Mark Waid.
Daredevil #09
23 pages | 36.2 мb.

Tags: Daredevil Purple Man
Matt Murdock has struggled mightily to rise above the tragedies that have plagued him in the past. Now, however, one of his oldest enemies unleashed forces that Daredevil can not fight without being swallowed his gloomy moods and thoughts. Is this the beginning of a new, grim chapter in his life?
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