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Atlas - Return of the Three-Dimensional Man (TPB)
Someone has come to ATLAS looking for answers to some very strange questions, and on his trail is a danger of a new level. Marvel's Rat Pack are back to solve the mystery behind THE 3-D MAN. Collecting ATLAS #1-5 and material from INCREDIBLE HERCULES #138-141, ASSAULT ON NEW OLYMPUS & ENTER THE HEROIC AGE.
Captain Universe #03 - X-23
Theorizing healing factor can give him the power to restore itself, Uni-Power is trying to move closer to the X-23. But Uni-Power did not realize how powerful X-23 healing factor is powerful enough to resist his attempts at communication. Uni-Power can convince Marvel "Wild Child", to let her guard?
Captain Universe #02 - Daredevil
One man knows more about the Uni-Power, than anyone else in the world, but he now faces a prison sentence! Matt Murdock will have a hard time mounting defense when he must fight with one of the most disgusting secret organizations Marvel. And then there's the small matter of a stronger sense of Uni-Power gave him - including sight!
Agents of Atlas Vol.1 #01-06 Complete
6-part mini-series written by Jeff Parker and illustrated by Leonard Kirk, and Kris Justice, following the adventures of seven heroes of the 1950s - Namora, Venus, Marvel Boy / Uranus, Gorilla-Man, Human Robot, and Jimmy Woo - now brought time to once again be the team to form Atlas agents. The series was successful and then initiated a series of
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