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Death's Head II Vol.1 #01-04 Complete
Four issue mini-series . Death's Head II became the best-selling comic book ever to be produced in the UK and distributed in the U.S. after the launch of this mini-series . Now largely forgotten , this mini went to three reprints with silver and gold foil enhancements on both # 1 & # 2 . It was purposefully designed Liam Sharp work in the U.S.
Avengers A.I. #7.INH
HERE COMES inhumanity ... and ol 'hornhead yourself! Cleaning New York as a result of infinity, AI at the mercy ... grandmother? Daredevil + Ant-Man = doctoral degree in visual and Hijinkery! Doombot finds his inner hero. Kind of.
Super Soldiers #01-08 Complete
The comic begins with Hauer CYRO escape from the tube. He finds his armor and weapons, and breaks from the research center. He meets Sarah Wilde and takes her hostage. Leaders of some boards to arrange for the army to attack Hauer. He defeats the army. One of the leaders of the United States speaks to the Agent and says he has a mission for him.
Daredevil - Dark Nights #07
23 pages | 33.1 мb.

Tags: Daredevil - Dark Nights Daredevil Misty Knight
Miami, Florida. Of his element. Surrounded by enemies. Misty Knight is breathing down his neck. Is this a problem for Matt Murdock?
Alias #01-28 Complete
The first series for Max-print comics series from Marvel Comics. Alias ​​is a comic book series, created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos. The series follows Jessica Jones, owner of Alias ​​Research and former costumed superhero named Jewel. Many cases 28 questions Chronicle Jessica concerning super active
Daredevil #33
23 pages | 37.5 мb.

Tags: Daredevil Frankenstein Living Mummy Satana Zombie 2014
"Monsters Stink!" Daredevil is wrapped up in an adventure that sends his life spinning out of control as we head into the 50th anniversary next year ... and the end of everything Matt Murdock cares!
Codename - Action #3
Masked crime fighters in America came under fire when a new law against these countries is adopted, while tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union continued to grow. Operator 5 plunged under cover, but when they turn for the worse, Operative 1001 is the only one who has a chance to save it. 1001 or find help in the most unexpected
Civil War - Choosing Sides
This single, which serves as a prequel to Thunder # 110, Irredeemable Ant-Man # 1, Immortal Iron Fist в„– 1, Omega Flight number 1 and Howard the duck story.
Punisher - The Trial of the Punisher #02
The Punisher is facing justice for his crimes! Prosecution witness: Matt Murdock Why Punisher killing the district attorney?
Daredevil #32
The Man Without Fear - trapped in a nightmare situation! Something final building in the life of Daredevil - and building fast!
Age of Apocalypse #01-14 Complete
Spinning directly out of uncanny X-FORCE! Astonishing X-Men lost and evil Weapon X is more powerful than ever! But who are these heroes, these lowly mortal men and women who have come out of the shadows? Who X-terminated? The series was canceled with issue 14 in 2013 due to low sales.
Fantastic Four Roast
Fantastic Four get fried Fred Hembeck style. The entire Marvel Universe on hand for the celebration, but the mean enemy is waiting in the wings to spoil the fun.
Age of Innocence - The Rebirth of Iron Man
Tony Stark as a teenager fighting for his life in a medical facility, while others reflect on the life and nature of its predecessor, the adult Tony Stark of Earth-616. The story ends with teenagers Stark regained consciousness and was talking with his longtime confidant Edwin Jarvis.
Spider-man - The Mysterio Manifesto #01-03 Complete
Peter neighbor Randy Robertson wakes him poslepreryvisty sleep. Despite his reluctance , he knows that he has to get up and find something newsworthy to photograph in order to pay the bills. He makes his way to the roof, check around, and changes in Spider-Man. Then he begins to search for the city. After the trial , Matt Murdock in Daredevil
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