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Original Sin Special Edition #03
This special edition is packed full of extra material including the signed pages, sketch material and artwork for the gallery. In addition, it includes the original sin: the mystery comics Avengers INFINITE # 2 at the end of this issue! Following the explosion in the last issue of mysteries, heroes Marvel U fever, leaving Nick Fury stand alone. He
Daredevil the Fall of The Kingpin (TPB)
Nick Fury and S.H.I.EL.D. will seek to destroy his criminal empire. Baron Von Strucker and Hydra will covet resources and assets it holds. A man without fear will see that justice prevails. And Wilson Fisk, Kingpin of Crime, will fight for his life. Frank Miller and David Massucchelli began in the critically acclaimed "born again" saga Daredevils,
Black Widow #07
24 pages | 22.1 мb.

Tags: Black Widow Daredevil
"Fog of War" Natasha returns to San Francisco
Original Sin #03
ANSWERS at any cost. Following the explosion in the last issue of mysteries, heroes Marvel U fever, leaving Nick Fury stand alone. He Holds the eye is still on the run, and now we meet his boss, the villainous mastermind behind the raid on lair Observer. In deep space, the Winter Soldier, heads the group, which opens all the strangest murder.
Avengers The Private War of Dr. Doom HC
In an epic spanning from New York to Louisiana to California to Maryland to the Atlantic Ocean, the Avengers are forced into Dr. Doom's latest scheme by the Atlantean Attuma, who wants to keep the Earth's mightiest heroes Doom from conquering the world - so that he can win it instead! Plus: voodoo, mad science and the resurrection of the dead!
Daredevil #03
24 pages | 35 мb.

Tags: Daredevil Kirsten McDuffie Owl Shroud
Owl is back! But old enemies are not so much of a problem for Matt Murdock as his new friend: Shroud. Kirsten and Matt divide very volatile secret - who will be the first to crack?
Original Sin #02
Who keeps an eye? Who know their secret? Space wanted killer observer continues. Found another body. The trail leads killers to the far corners of the universe and beyond. And just when Nick Fury and the Avengers think they cornered their killer ... All explodes, unleashing the greatest mysteries in the Marvel Universe.
She-Hulk #04
New customer Jen Kristoff Vernard was kidnapped by his father, Dr. Doom! That guy's a lawyer (and recently outted man without fear) Matt Murdock know about it? This is an international jailbreak, She-Hulk Style, Charles Soule (inhumanity) and Javier Pulido (HAWKEYE) take us to Latverian soil!
Daredevil - Black and White
Daredevil , the blind avenger of Hell's Kitchen faces a life changing decision when he is presented with the chance to see again . But at what cost will Matt regain his sight ? Guest starring Bullseye! Kingpin of crime , ever Machiavellian mastermind , uses lawyer Matt quest Murdoch for justice against him in a deadly money -making scheme . And
Daredevil #02
23 pages | 31.1 мb.

Tags: Daredevil Mark Waid
In Daredevil over his head in his new hometown, which is not as he remembers it! New threats, new challenges ... and forgotten Marvel hero steps out of the shadows to make him feel most unwelcome!
Amazing Spider-Man - Extra #01-03 Complete
Even with three issues every month, we can not fit everything we want to Amazing Spider-Man. So a new day: EXTRA! takes more insight to the new world of Spidey three stories that give your family, friends and foes, stories that affect spiders deep in the coming months. Members BrainTrust Spider Guggenheim and Wells welcome Joe Kelly (DEADPOOL,
Daredevil - The Man Without Fear (1-5 series) Complete
Matt Murdock raised his father boxer known as "Fighter Murdoch." He grew up in Hell's Kitchen, one of the criminals of New York City. Matt began to study law, and one day he saved the blind man when he nearly fell under the wheels of the truck. But radioactive liquid, which drove the truck hit Matt in the eye. This incident forever blinded Matt
Black Panther - The Man Without Fear #513-523 Complete
After the event Shadowland, Daredevil series was renamed Black Panther : The Man Without Fear starting with number 513 and the black panther : the most dangerous man alive with the issuance of 523.1 . The premise of the series saw the Black Panther to take over as quarterback Kitchen hellish aftermath of Shadows Daredevil forced to leave New York
Uncanny Avengers Vol.1 - The Red Shadow
The greatest era of the Marvel Universe begins now ! Following the funeral of Professor X , Captain America Avengers creates a new block consisting of the Avengers and the X-Men, humans and mutants working together . But the Red Skull back - straight from the 1940s - and he wants to destroy all mutants ! That gave him a terrible weapon dangerous
Daredevil #1.5
43 pages | 74.6 мb.

Tags: Daredevil Battlin' Jack Murdock Karl Kesel
Celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the madcap view of the future! A special stand-alone story that takes place on the 50th birthday of Matt Murdock. How has his life changed? Who lives? Who dies? See if you can spot all the evidence put Daredevil creative team 2014! Plus: Stories specifically invited the creators of murky past Murdoch! Fifty
She-Hulk #03
We humans are your DOOM! When the son of Victor Von Doom seeks extradition Jen Walters will go to the ends of the earth for justice! All this, and Matt Murdock also as Charles Sule (thunder) and Javier Pulido (HAWKEYE) continue to 2014 in a surprise hit!
The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #10
Crimes of the Century, Part 4 Have you ever wondered what makes Shocker in his free day? The answer is, "Get hit. Repeatedly." Thanos shows up. Well, no, it does not. Not at all. Would not that be awesome though? And then, as enemies eat Shawarma? Spencer. Lieber. Rosenberg. Sleep hit of the year. Again.
Daredevil #01
24 pages | 33.1 мb.

Tags: Daredevil Mark Waid Chris Samnee
Because you demanded! Join the fearless hero of Marvel, he began his most spectacular adventure yet in sunny San Francisco! Gifted invisible radar sense and a passion for justice, blind attorney Matt Murdock aka Daredevil-Street-protecting the Golden City from all evil. But big changes in store for Matt Murdock as the old haunts and familiar faces
Daredevil - Road Warrior #04
72 pages | 43.2 мb.

Tags: Daredevil - Road Warrior Daredevil Mark Waid
The mystery of the man without a heartbeat reveals how Daredevil face off with the Mad Thinker. But how do you stop someone who has prepared for every possibility?
Marvel 1602 #01-08 Complete
8 issues pages | 549.5 мb.

Tags: Marvel 1602 Archangel Beast Captain America Clea Cyclops Daredevil
All this is not very good in Marvel Universe in 1602 as strange storms brewing and strange new powers arise ! Comics sheets legend and New York Times best-selling author Neil Gaiman (Sandman, American Gods ), along with the art group bestselling ORIGIN , Andy Kubert and Richard Isanove, brings to life a rich new vision of the universe Marvel.
What If - Karen Page had Lived #01
Karen barely survived the attack apple, and was in a coma at the hospital. Daredevil was filled with rage and broke into the apartment kingpin at night, where he killed him in cold blood . Matt gave up for murder, and was a jury trial . Doctor Strange and Captain America sitting on the bench gives strong testimony to the character of Daredevil,
Daredevil - Road Warrior #02
50 pages | 30.2 мb.

Tags: Daredevil - Road Warrior Daredevil Mark Waid
Now that the whole world knows about his double life, Matt Murdock was forced to leave New York. Among Kirsten McDuffie, he began his journey to his new home in San Francisco. But this is Matt Murdock - You did not think he was going to stay out of trouble, do you? No, he will have to dodge bullets, lasers and survive breathtaking speed chase on
X-Statix Presents Deadgirl #01-05 Complete
It is difficult to keep a good girl down ... especially when she's dead ! That's right, true believers keep you freaking hats ! After a brief hiatus caused by their , ahem , deaths, all your favorite mutants are back! And this time , they bring many questions ... with them. As why some heroes and villains keep on dying , only to return from the
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